St.Thomas & Prince 5000-100,000 Dobras 2013 (5 values)Unc

The islands of St. Thomas and Prince are located in the Gulf of Guinea. Their rich birdlife is celebrated on this complete set of 5 values dated 2013, the last year of issue. (P65-9) Included in the set are the denominations of 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 dobras. The first 4 values all feature a profile portrait of Rei Amador, famous as the leader of a slave rebellion in the islands in 1595. Alongside his portrait an array of beautiful birds, native to St. Thomas and Prince are depicted. On the whopping 100,000 dobras, we find a portrait of Francisco Jose Tenreiro, a famous 20th-century poet. Important landmarks, a beach, house, and bridge are depicted on the backs. All in all, a wonderfully colourful, and charming set of notes. They currently catalogue almost £150 ($195) but the complete denomination set can be yours for just £18.50 in Uncirculated condition.
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