Sri Lanka 100 Rupees 2010 P125 Unc

Sri Lanka 100 rupees 2010 P125 Orange. Power Plant at centre, orange billed babbler bird and butterfly./dancer. Unc
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Seychelles 25 Rupees 2016 P48 Unc

Seychelles 25 rupees 2016 P48 Pink Stunning series with Seychelles Magpie Robin at centre/Killifish and Blue Pigeon. Unc
Picture of 50 Notes 50 Countries (CF)

50 Notes 50 Countries (CF)

Recently an old dealer friend got in touch. He has been in semi-retirement for several years but the pandemic meant he had time on his hands and, as he put it, he started sorting old stock he had forgotten about. Amongst other things, he offered us a brand new set of 50 Different Uncirculated notes from 50 Different countries and it is fantastic! All are, of course, Uncirculated. We have to admit it would be very difficult for anyone else to put it together today without increasing the price significantly. A wonderful way to turbocharge your country collection.