Serbia 500 on 1000 Dinara 1941 P24 VF and better

When the Germans occupied Yugoslavia, they arranged for different banknote issues for Serbia and Croatia. The initial Serbian notes used old Yugoslavia notes until a new set of notes could be produced. This 500 dinar note uses a Yugoslavia 1000 Dinara note dated 1941 overprinted with the new value and the new Bank title (P24 ) The underlying note is particularly attractive with a French-style printing with allegorical women in a pastoral setting. These wartime Serbia 500 Dinara Grading VF and better this wartime.
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#Serbia 500 on 1000 dinara 1941 P24 French styled printing Brown and pastel shdes. Allegorical women/ Women with wheat, spinning and child. Unc . Lovely noets Unc

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