Roman Bronze Coins

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Constantine II, Centenionalis Mint State_obv

Constantine II, Centenionalis 'Cent' Mint State

Constantine II was the eldest son of Constantine the Great, he was Roman Emperor from 337 until his death in 340 AD. After his father’s death, the empire was divided among Constantine II and his brothers, Constantius II and Constans. Constantine II ruled over Gaul, Britannia, and Hispania. His reign was marked by tensions with his brothers, culminating in a failed attempt to assert dominance over Constans’ territories. In 340 AD, Constantine II invaded Italy but was ambushed and killed near Aquileia. His rule was relatively short and tumultuous, overshadowed by the internal strife that characterised the early years of the post-Constantinian empire. Here we are offering his Follis in mint state, a grade which a very difficult grade to find when it comes to 4th century coinage. You can see every bit of detail on these beautiful coins.
Hadrian 'AS' Good_obv

Hadrian 'AS' Good

Hadrian (A.D. 117-138) was one of the most able and conscientious Roman Emperors. He spent his reign visiting the vast majority of his provinces. Consolidating and strengthening the Empire’s defenses after the expansion by his predecessor, Trajan. The most famous example of his work was Hadrian’s Wall! Which spread from the River Tyne in the East to the River Solway in the West: at 73 miles (117.5 kilometers) it is the largest Roman monument anywhere in the world! Own a Roman bronze coin of Hadrian called an ‘As’. These are well circulated, I.E. Very Good grade, and at a very reasonable price. The coins have his portrait visible but please don’t expect a lot more at this price.
Vetranio. A.D. 350. Siscia. Billon Maiorina. HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS_obv

Vetranio. A.D. 350. Siscia. Billon Maiorina. HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS.

Vetranio. A.D. 350. Siscia. Billon Maiorina. Laureate bust right / 'HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS' Vetranio standing left holding Chi-Rho banner & spear, being crowned by Victory on right. Extremely Fine & Scarce. A clear link to Constantine with 'under this sign you shall conqueror' in latin.