Roman Bronze Coins

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Lucania, Metapontion. Ca. 330-290 BC. Ly-, magistrate. AR Stater_obv

Caracalla. A.D. 198-217., Rome - A.D. 213. AR Denarius. P M TR P XVI COS IIII P P.

Lucania, Metapontion. Ca. 330-290 B.C., Ly-, magistrate. AR Stater. Wreathed head of Demeter R. wearing triple-pendant earring & necklace; 'EY' below chin / Ear of barley with leaf R.; 'META' upwards L., star above leaf, 'EY' in lower L. field. Flan flaw on obverse cheek, Good Very Fine & Scarce.
Constantine II, Centenionalis Mint State_obv

Constantine II, Centenionalis 'Cent' Mint State

Josh bought an incredible group of Roman bronze coins. What is outstanding about this group is their condition. They are in a splendid mint state, really outstanding condition. Josh has been selling Fine and Very Fine examples in the past but these coins are Mint State, even he was amazed! Even if you don’t collect Roman coins, at our special price and the fantastic condition the coins are in, you should't really miss out on the offer. Each coin comes with a history of that Emperor and a certificate of authenticity. We have three different Emperors on offer, here we present Constantine II. These bronze coins are about 1,700 years old and in Mint condition! The quality is most impressive, as are our prices all things considered. The denomination is Centenionalis, we sometimes call them ‘Cent’ for short. Please don’t miss out on this Special Offer, we highly recommend it and supplies are limited...
Hadrian 'AS' Good_obv

Hadrian 'AS' Good

Hadrian (A.D. 117-138) was one of the most able and conscientious Roman Emperors. He spent his reign visiting the vast majority of his provinces. Consolidating and strengthening the Empire’s defenses after the expansion by his predecessor, Trajan. The most famous example of his work was Hadrian’s Wall! Which spread from the River Tyne in the East to the River Solway in the West: at 73 miles (117.5 kilometers) it is the largest Roman monument anywhere in the world! Own a Roman bronze coin of Hadrian called an ‘As’. These are well circulated, I.E. Very Good grade, and at a very reasonable price. The coins have his portrait visible but please don’t expect a lot more at this price.