Roll of Churchill Crowns

In 1965 for the second time in our history, one of our coins depicted a non-Royal, Sir Winston Churchill. He was our wartime Prime Minister and was more honoured after his death than before. The Royal Mint issued a crown, in fact, this Churchill Crown was the last Five Shillings or real crown the Mint ever issued for this country. You have the Queen on the obverse and Churchill on the reverse. At one time these crowns were very common, but no more, in fact, we asked all around the country and were surprised how few we were able to find. Perhaps it is the marketing companies who are asking up to £10 - £12 for a Churchill Crown! We have taken 20 nice Uncirculated coins, it is impossible to find Choice Uncirculated examples, the Mint just did not strike them that nice. Remember, this is the last pre-decimal Crown that the Royal Mint ever struck. We have placed the 20 Uncirculated coins in a special plastic tube that has been treated to preserve these crowns. So we are offering these Uncirculated Churchill crowns by the roll. Worth putting away to give as little gifts and when someone mentions the Second World War… According to what the marketing companies charge, we should be charging £200-£240 for the roll. But at Britain’s Coin Shop we work differently. You can have a full roll of 20 Uncirculated Churchill crowns for just £69.50 or buy three rolls for just £195.
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