Rare Milled Silver Coins Victoria 1837 - 1901

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1893 Old Head Crown LVI_obv

Victoria, Crown (Old Head) LVI 1893 Unc

SC155. a little weakness of strike on St. George and the dragon, otherwise Uncirculated with nice toning
Victoria, 1849 Halfcrown EF_obv

Victoria, Halfcrown (Young Head)1849 EF

Victoria, 1837-1901. Halfcrown, 1849 EF
1889 Jubilee Head Half Crown Unc_obv

Victoria, Halfcrown (Jubilee Head) 1889 Unc

Uncirculated Prooflike nice toning
1838 Young Head Shilling_obv

Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) 1838 Choice Unc

The first year of issue. Very high relief design, Choice Uncirculated, the obverse fully Prooflike Rare
1898 Shilling Choice Unc_obv

Victoria, Shilling (Old head) 1898 Choice Unc

Choice Uncircullated multi coloured toning
1852 Young Head Shilling  Gem Unc_obv

Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) 1852 Gem Unc

Gem Uncirculated magnificent toning Rare
1838 Young Head Sixpence  Choice Unc-obv

Victoria, Sixpence (Young Head) 1838 Choice Unc

Type A1, Choice Uncirculated deep rich toning the reverse very prooflike
Victoria, 1889 Sixpence AUnc_obv

Victoria, Sixpence 1889 Almost Unc

Almost Uncirculated.

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1852

SC123, Choice Brilliant Uncirculated cats £625

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1858

Choice Uncirculated beauiful toning, Cats £500

Victoria, Young Head Shilling 1886

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Cats £350
Victoria, 1900 Old Head Threepence Choice Unc_obv

Victoria, Threepence (Old Head) 1900 Choice Unc

Toned, Choice Uncirculated.