Rare Milled Silver Coins Victoria 1837 - 1901

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Victoria, 1889 Jubilee Head Crown Unc_obv

Victoria, Crown (Jubilee Head) 1889 Unc

With the smallest contact marks, very brilliant and impressive.

Victoria, Crown (Old Head) LVI 1893 Unc

With fantastic brilliance.
Victoria, 1865 Gothic Florin colon after date Good Extremely Fine

Victoria, Florin (Gothic) colon after date, 1865 Good Extremely Fine

Once wiped. A Rare date in this grade.

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) 1888 Good Extremely Fine

With residual brilliance, a better date.
Victoria, 4d 1888 Seated Britannia Brilliant Proof_obv

Victoria, Groat (Four Pence) Seated Britannia 1888 Brilliant Proof

this type only issued for one year and is Rare, This is a Brilliant Proof and VERY RARE
Victoria, 1849 Halfcrown EF_obv

Victoria, Halfcrown (Young Head)1849 EF

Victoria, 1837-1901. Halfcrown, 1849 EF

Victoria, Halfpenny (Old Head) 1898 Unc

With much brilliance.

Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) 1858 Choice Unc

Choice Uncirculated beauiful toning, Cats £500

Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) 1886 Choice Unc

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Cats £350
Victoria, 1889 Jubilee Head Sixpence Choice Unc_obv

Victoria, Sixpence (Jubilee Head) 1889 Choice Unc

With wonderful underlying brilliance.
 1897 Old Head Sixpence Chouce Unc_obv

Victoria, Sixpence (Old Head) 1897 Choice Unc

Choice Uncirculated
Victoria, 1898 Shilling Extremely Fine_obv

Victoria, Shilling 1898 Extremely Fine

toned EF.

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