Rare Milled Silver Coins George II 1727 - 1760

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George II, Halfcrown (Roses) 1745 About EF

George II (1727-60), Halfcrown 1745, Old draped bust left, roses in angles on reverse.

George II, Shilling (Lima) 1745 About Unc

Obverse: Old laureate and draped bust facing left, LIMA below, Reverse: Cruciform shields, garter star at centre, plain angles. Uncirculated / about Uncirculated with nice toning.
George II, 1758 Old Head Shilling Extremely Fine_obv

George II, Shilling (Old Head) 1758 Extremely Fine

Beautifully toned, good EF
George II, 1728 Sixpence EF_obv

George II, Sixpence 1728 Unc

Plain reverse and Rare thus, Uncirculated and an absolutely beautiful coin, the catalogue only goes up to Extremely Fine (£600)
George II_1757_Sixpence_obv

George II, Sixpence 1757

George II (1727-60), Sixpence 1757. Old laureate and draped bust left. The old head issue, Uncirculated nice tone

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