Rare Gold Coins Victoria 1837 - 1901

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1887 Jubilee Head Half Sovereign Extremely Fine_obv

Victoria, Half Sovereign (Jubilee Head) 1887 Extremely Fine

Even after 67 years in coins we are still proud to say that we learn something new every day. Recently, a dealer was offering us a rather nice lot of high grade of 1887 Jubilee Head Half Sovereigns. We have sold a large number of the later dates of Jubilee Half Sovereigns of late, we were helping a friend distribute a parcel that he found on the Continent. These coins are the first year of issue and in a much nicer grade than they normally come in. But then he told me that the 1887 Half Sovereign is a one-year type coin. It seems that the Mint in 1887 used silver to mix with the gold and the colour of the gold coin is slightly different than all the other years. We didn’t know that. You learn something new every day…
Victoria 1891 Jubilee Head Half Sovereign Very Fine_obv

Victoria, Half Sovereign (Jubilee Head) 1891 Very Fine

Some time ago we offered the 1890 & 1892 Half sovereigns – we can now offer you the 1891 Half Sovereign in Very Fine condition. For those disappointed last time, this latest group is only offered as single coins, as some dates are in shorter supply than the others and a set of three may not work for all. All coins come housed in square capsules to set off the gold and protect the coin. Now over 130 years old these are in above average condition and nearly 4 grams of 22-carat gold. With the higher price of gold, these are even better value.