Portraits of a Prince by Joseph Giordano

This is THE Edward VIII Book! Hardback, A4, 680 pages.
SKU: VCB0432

THE book on Edward VIII medallions, banknotes and coins, Portraits of a Prince, has finally arrived and what a huge tome it is! Hardbound and coming in at 680 pages it weighs about 2 kilos and if you have any interest in Edward VIII then you will want and need this book.

It covers everything from his birth to those pieces issued after his death. The author Joseph Giordano, has spent years and years putting this book together, I know, I have been helping him for the past four years alone.

There are hundreds and hundreds of photographs and much important information. They only printed 350 copies of the first edition of this book and each copy is numbered. Coincraft obtained 100 copies of that printing and all of our copies are low numbered.

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