Peru, 10 Soles 1973 (Tupac Amaru)

This halfcrown sized Peruvian coin was issued in 1973, that is more than 40 years ago. On the reverse is a native of Peru with a big hat and very long hair. The reverse has the arms of Peru with a Llama in a shield surrounded by a wreath made of two different types of leaves. It is a beautiful coin and one you don’t often see as the coins of South American countries when seen in this country are usually in well circulated condition. We only have 80 pieces available and when they are gone…
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Admiral Gardner 20 Cash

These are fantastic Treasure coins. They were struck in Birmingham for the East India Company and sent to India by ship. Unfortunately, the ship they were on, The Admiral Gardner, sunk on the Goodwin Sands. About 25 years ago it was discovered and salvaged. The coins are copper and dated 1808. Over the last 200 years, many of them corroded especially the 20 (XX) Cash pieces, the smaller 10 (X) Cash coins tend to have weathered the sands better. The 20 Cash seems to be alright on one side and very worn on the other side. British / India Treasure coins at a most reasonable price and with a history that is both tragic and fascinating.

Haiti, 0.5 Gourde Uncirculated

The island of Haiti has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, hurricane, famine and violence. It takes up half the island the other half is the Dominican Republic. We have a 0.50 Gourde in Uncirculated condition One one side you have the portrait of Jean Duvalier and on the other the unusual denomintaion. Not an easy coin to get as they have had so many problems of late.

Severus Alexander Nicaea Fine

Born around A.D.208 Alexander was put on the throne in A.D. 222, the last of the Severan Dynasty. The young emperor was popular with the people but relied heavily on his mother, Julia Mamaea, alienating the army who eventually murdered them both in A.D. 235 in Mainz, Germany. These bronze coins were struck throughout his reign in the city of Nicaea, the modern Turkish town of Iznik. It is famous historically for the later Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325 by Constantine the Great which formed the basis for Christianity today. These coins have Greek writing, show Severus Alexander’s bust on the obverse with three or four army standards on the reverse. We offer them here in Fine. Get a coin almost 1800 years old from the birthplace of the Christian Creed.