P S Beale 10 Shillings /- 2nd Issue B266 GEF/Unc

P S Beale Bank of England 10 Shillings; featuring Red Britannia threading - B266 - Crisp Good-Extremely Fine/Uncirculated condition.
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Picture of L K O'Brien Portrait £1 B282 -A Prefix Unc

L K O'Brien Portrait £1 B282 -A Prefix Unc

It was in 1960 when L K O’Brien was Chief Cashier that the Bank of England decided to issue notes with the portrait of the reigning monarch Elizabeth II. This was quite a departure because until that point the only illustration on Bank of England notes was of Britannia. Britannia was still featured but this time in a seal which appeared on the back of the notes. The portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the front There were two regular varieties of the O’Brien Portrait £1 note with the catalogue references of B281 and B282. Here we offer the first £1 note with the B282 prefix –A in Uncircualted condition
Picture of D.H.F. Somerset, £10 'Nightingale' 3rd issue (B348) UNC

D.H.F. Somerset, £10 'Nightingale' 3rd issue (B348) UNC

D H F Somerset was Chief Cashier at the Bank of England between 1980 and 1988. During that period, there were 4 distinct varieties of the Florence Nightingale £10 note. Three had a hidden security thread and 1 had a stardust silver thread. The last of the £10 notes with the buried security thread have the catalogue reference B348 in Vincent Duggleby's English Paper Money. These were also the first £10 note to be printed on giant web presses with the fronts printed in intaglio and the backs with offset lithography. The Bank included a little L on the back to distinguish this variety from others.