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US Counterfeit Halfpenny_obv

United States of America, Counterfeit Halfpenny Very Well Worn

The Halfpennies of King George II and George III were heavily counterfeited at the time, because of a shortage of small change. Many of these underweight pieces were circulated in the American Colonies. There was a great shortage of coins there and any coin was better than none. The American dealers have been promoting these coins for some time. we have been putting them away for the last couple of years and we are now ready to offer them for sale, at what we think are much more realistic prices. Most of the coins are King George III but there are some King George II as well. All are counterfeit copper Halfpennies with the bust of the Monarch on one side and a seated figure of Britannia on the other side. Monarch as well as date are as they come, but we can offer them in very well worn. These were actually struck to look like used coins. In America they sell them for some incredible prices, we think our price is much more realistic. The more you order the more different dates and types we will try and give you, but supplies are limited. Please no dealer orders from the States at these prices.
Picture of United States of America, Gambling Hotshots Special

United States of America, Gambling Hotshots Special

This is a fantastic collection if you like to play poker or if you know someone that does. Issued by Bond Gaming International also known as Collectibles Mania. You get 12 dollar-sized full-colour poker chips, each with the photograph of a well known American poker player. You have Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, T J Coultier, Scotty Nguyen and eight others. The chips come in a full-colour album, which holds and displays them. It comes with a signed certificate and that certificate has a hologram on it to authenticate the Poker Chips. The original price for this collection was I understand £24.95 which works out to about £2 each a chip. While our supplies last you can own the complete collection of 12 dollar-sized full-colour gambling chips in a presentation folder for just £9.95 that saves you £15.00 and brings your cost down to about 83p each. What a great gift this collection will make for a poker player you know...
Picture of United States of America, USA 18th Century Counterfeit Halfpenny

United States of America, USA 18th Century Counterfeit Halfpenny

18th century copper used by the early Colonists.