Online Newsletter January 2019

Coincraft Newsletter No. 4

Hello and welcome to the latest Coincraft Newsletter,

A very happy New Year to you from everyone here at Conicraft. We hope you've had a wonderful festive season. We're now looking forward to showing you some of the new and exciting collectables which we've added to the website this week!

For this issue, we've looked exclusively at some major anniversaries coming up in 2019 from the 50th anniversary of Concorde's maiden flight to the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook reaching New Zealand.

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Recently Added to the Website
Set of 3 Benham Concorde First Day Covers. £17.95 (STP101)
Dimensions: 220mm x 109mm

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the maiden flight of the Concorde. Therefore we are offering a set of three Benham Concorde covers printed on silk, showing various stunning photographs of this supersonic marvel through the ages. Each cover features a foreign stamp and a British stamp.  Concorde was a huge feat of engineering and stands to be the most successful of only two commercial supersonic airliners ever operated worldwide. Each set of 3 will be picked at random from a large selection of covers, therefore covers supplied will not necessarily be those illustrated.
De La Rue Giori Promotional Leonardo Da Vinci Banknote £13.50 (BTS3700)
Dimensions: 165mm x 76 mm

This year also marks the 500th Anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci on 2nd May. The De La Rue promotional banknote on offer here features a sketch of his famous 'flying machine' invention, which, although never realised, is a testament to the appeal of the study of aviation during the Renaissance era and Da Vinci's own obsession with a man taking to the skies.
Precisely 100 years ago, 1919 was, of course, the year in which the Treaty of Versaille was signed, which was paramount in bringing an end to World War I, ending the conflict between Germany and the Allied Powers.
1919 King George V Sterling Silver Halfcrown, Fine. £55.00 (GBR0982)
32.30 mm diameter

To celebrate this fact we are offering a beautiful George V 1919 Halfcrown in Fine condition which circulated during that year and was, coincidentally the last sterling silver halfcrown minted, as silver content was reduced to 50% the very next year. A pertinent clause in the treaty was Germany's admittance of guilt in starting the war and subsequent disarmament, territorial concession, and reparations to be paid to the allied powers. This was an important milestone for Europe and all nations involved in the state of conflict. Even though fighting had ended over 6 months earlier, the treaty was not signed until 28th June 1919.
New Zealand Victoria Crownsized Silver Patina. £39.50 (FNZ8185)
38mm diameter

HMS Endeavour is featured on the reverse of this stunning silver patina, alongside a map of New Zealand. This was, of course, the ship Captain Cook (then lieutenant) commanded on his first voyage of discovery from 1768 to 1771. James Cook was a junior naval officer who was skilled in cartography and mathematics and the voyage was commissioned by King George III. New Zealand was actually discovered during the second part of the voyage, to search the south pacific for the postulated southern continent of Terra Australis. Cook reached New Zealand on 6th October 1769, therefore this year marks the 250th Anniversary. This marked him down in history as being only the second European to reach New Zealand after Abel Tasman in 1642. He climbed the Kaitapeha Peak and sighted the strait which separated the North & South Islands, which had been suggested by Tasman and therefore proved that New Zealand was an Archipelago.
Gandhi India 50 and 100 Rupee Pair, Uncirculated. £6.25 (WIN0816)
Dimensions: 73mm x 147mm (50 rupee note), 73mm x 157mm (100 rupee note)

Gandhi was born 150 years ago on October 2nd this year. During his life, he inspired civil rights movements and peace campaigners, through his tireless efforts to bring about India's independence from British rule, through exclusively non-violent means, a goal which was realised in August of 1947, just 5 months before his death. We are offering this pair of Crisp Uncirculated 100 and 50 Rupee banknotes featuring Gandhi smiling, celebrating Gandhi's life and serving as a timeless reminder of his commitment to the ongoing battle for world peace.
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