Online Newsletter 08th November 2019

Coincraft Newsletter No. 17

Hello and welcome to the latest Coincraft Newsletter,

Greetings fellow collectors, we've just added new stock to our website, you'll find all the new items under 08 November 2019This time, amongst many other items, we bring you a Complete Set of Elizabeth II Florins, an Edward I Canterbury Penny, a Gallienus Antoninianus Gazelle Coin, and magnificent Australian Silver Coin Set. 

Our featured item for this newsletter is a commemorative World War I medal, issued last year to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of World War One. Also, as the 11th of November marks the anniversary of the end of World War we've made a selection of World War I dedicated items.


100th Anniversary of World War One
£9.95 each (MED002)

 Dimensions:38 mm approx

This handsome piece was issued last year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. The reverse has a photo of the newspaper with the headline ‘War Ends’. The other side shows two soldiers with heads bowed on either side of a cross made up of poppies. The legend reads ‘Lest we forget’. It is enamelled on both sides, one white and the other black, white and red. Each piece comes in a protective capsule and is rather impressive. We were only able to get 100 pieces and at our price, they should sell quickly.

Elizabeth II, Complete date set of Florins
£24.50 per set(CLA9441)

Diameter: 28.5 mm approx.

Here we present the complete date set of Queen Elizabeth II Florins. The set includes every date from 1953 to1967, the last Florin ever issued for circulation. 

Edward I, Canterbury Penny Fine
Dimensions: 20 mm approx.
£109.50each (CEA1001H)

This is one of the most fantastic Treasure Trove Hoards we have ever bought. On the 10th of May 1877 at Montrave, Fifeshire, Scotland a hoard of King Edward I Silver Pennies were found. The coins are about 700 years old and the treasure was found 141 years ago!

Gallienus Antoninianus Gazelle Coin Very Fine
21.3 mm approx.
Bronze Antoninianus coin featuring a Gazelle, identified as different to the antelope by the numbers ‘XI’ or ‘XII’ underneath and the straight horns. These coins were designed to honour Diana, the sister of Apollo and the goddess of the hunt.
United States of America, Law Enforcement Dogs
£9.95 each (USMED016)

 Dimensions:38 mm approx

 A full crownsized challenge piece honouring the K9 Corps or dogs who have helped the police and armed forces. On one side you have a dog in black, blue and gold with the legend ‘Loyalty, Honor, Courage and Strength’. The reverse has a dog’s paw in red, white and blue. ‘Guardians of the night, protector of law enforcement’.
J S Fforde £5 Portrait B312 Crisp GEF
£42.50 each (BEB4465)

 Dimensions:140 × 85 mm

Choice examples of the Portrait £5 issued when J S Fforde was Chief Cashier.


Australia, WMF Silver Dollar Set of 3 Special
£42.50 per set (FAUWMF)

 A Silver Dollar Australian Set issued with a full-colour information card that depicts Australian birds and animals. The Queen is on the obverse of each coin and it is a rather handsome and low mintage set. This set probably wasn't offered in Australia, as it was made especially for the Money Fair in Berlin.
Canada, Maple Leaf 5 dollars, 2019
£32.50 each (FCA8203)
Diameter:37.97 mmapprox. 

5 dollar Silver coins with the Maple Leaf privy mark on them in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated and with a most unusual portrait of the Queen on the obverse. They look like the Australian reverse proofs and are just beautiful. We think you will love them…
Photographs are representative and the items illustrated here might not necessarily be the same you will receive upon ordering.
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