New Stock September 2023

The first stock update of September has arrived! You'll find plenty of British coins, world coins and ancient coins in this upload. Remember that stock availability is limited...

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Belgium, Set of Six Francs

Although Belgium was created in 1830, it was not until 1886 that coinage started carrying text in Flemish. It would take even longer till coins were routinely minted with both languages. We can offer you a series of six Belgian 1 franc coins spanning the period between 1950 and 2001 when the franc was replaced by the euro. The first 2 have the head of Ceres on the reverse and circulated between 1950 and 1988, followed by 2 with the image of King Baudouin (1989-1993) and then his brother King Albert II (1994-2001). There are two of each coin type showing the country name and denomination in French (Belgique/franc) and Dutch (België/frank).
Canada, Edward VII, 25 cents VG_obv

Canada, Edward VII, 25 cents Very Good

During the short reign of King Edward VII not all that many Colonial coins were struck. But Canada being a large and independent territory did issue coins for King Edward VII. One of the most difficult to get is the second largest silver coin they issued, the Quarter or twenty-five cent piece. We have managed to obtain a small group of these silver coins in Very Good condition. One in Unc might cost you hundreds of pounds, but you can own one in Very Good. An important Canadian silver-type coin and is now over 113 years old. Well worth adding to your type collection.
Canada, George VI, Dollar (Silver) 1937 Extremely Fine_obv

Canada, George VI, Dollar (Silver) 1937 Extremely Fine

We have very few examples of the George VI 1937 Canadian Silver Dollar. Each coin is in Extremely Fine condition and it was the year that George VI had his Coronation. Although the coins don’t mention the Coronation, 1937 was the year it happened. An unusual date and in high grade but very few are available...
Charles III_2023_£2_Coronation_Cypher_Silver_Britannia_Brilliant_Unc_rev

Charles III, £2 (Coronation Cypher) 2023 Silver Britannia Brilliant Unc

This silver £2 of 2023 was issued to honour the Coronation of King Charles III. From what we understand the Mint has long ago sold out, in fact, we had to pay a little extra and search all around to get an allocation. But we believe it was worth it and you will love it! On the obverse you have the bust of King Charles III wearing his crown, only the Coronation issues will feature this bust. The reverse has his crowned cypher ‘CR III’. The coin is in choice brilliant uncirculated condition and contains one ounce of pure silver. We believe that this will become a much-wanted and difficult coin to obtain. We have them for now, but how much longer…?
King Charles III 2023 £2 Coronation Silver Britannia Brilliant Unc_obv

Charles III, £2 (Coronation Silver Britannia) 2023 Brilliant Unc

The new 2023 Silver Britannia has carried on the Coronation theme, in that it will be the only Silver Britannia to carry the King’s bust wearing his crown. The Mint has improved the design by using the cross-hatch field to make the portrait stand out even more. From what we have been told the Mint quickly sold out of all the pieces they were going to strike and it is no longer available from them. We had to use a different supply to obtain ours. They are superb Brilliant Uncirculated pieces and we are sure that you will love them. Remember this is a very important one-year type coin.
Constantine I "the Great" (A.D. 324-337), DIVO CLAVDIO Commemorative bronze Coin About Very Fine_obv

Constantine I "the Great" (A.D. 324-337), DIVO CLAVDIO Commemorative bronze Coin About Very Fine

Constantine I is the only Roman emperor called ‘the Great’. His father was Constantius I who died at York in A.D. 306 so the army proclaimed Constantine emperor. From A.D. 307 Constantine pronounced himself ‘Augustus’ and slowly but surely rose to become the sole ruler of the empire. During Constantine’s rise, he needed to link himself to past rulers to show he was the rightful emperor. He had inherited from his father, Constantius I, and he married the old emperor Maximian’s daughter, Fausta, in A.D. 307. In A.D. 310 a dubious family link was ‘discovered’ with Claudius II Gothicus (a popular emperor from A.D. 268-270), emphasising his hereditary right to rule. Between A.D. 316-318 Constantine minted intriguing coins commemorating these dead emperors. Searching through old storage we found a group of these Scarce, small bronze coins he struck for Claudius II. They have the veiled head of Claudius II on the obverse with him seated on the reverse in a full toga & veil. The legend on the obverse shows ‘DIVO CLAVDIO’ & they grade About Very Fine. Own this Scarce piece of ancient propaganda from Constantine the Great!

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