New Stock September 2022

It was with great sadness that we receive the news of the passing of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. She had been our Queen for more than 70 years, and many of us here at Coincraft have not lived long enough to know or remember the reign of any other British monarch.

Unfortunately, death comes to us all, even to the best of us. And despite mourning the passing of our Queen, we have to keep the show going and continue bringing you more items for your collection. Remember that stock availability is LIMITED.

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3 Canadian Commemorative 5 Cents_Set

3 Canadian Commemorative 5 Cents

This little set contains three different commemorative Nickels or 5 Cent coins from Canada. Their first is a World War II coin struck in tombac or a brass coloured metal like the old Brass Threepence. It has the ‘V’ for Victory on one side and King George VI on the other side, it is dated 1943. The second coin is very similar except that it is struck in steel again with the Victory sign but dated 1944. The third coin in the set is dated 1951 and is for the 200th anniversary of the finding of Nickel in Canada 1751-1951. Canada has a large deposit of nickel which is commercially mined and sold world wide. The set of three commemorative Nickels are all King George VI, all in Very Fine condition and all now not so easy to find. You get all three pieces for just £6.95.
Ancient Greek Bronze Tanged Arrowhead

Ancient Greek Bronze Tanged Arrowhead

We were sorting out old stock we have recently relocated and we discovered these Ancient Greek bronze arrowheads! They date from Ca. 1000-600 B.C. and have a wide, slashing head. This meant they would have been e effective for hunting or war, which at the time was mostly fought between unarmoured warriors. While the size varies slightly they average 45 mm long with the tang that would have been socketed into a shaft to make the arrow. They come with a certificate of authenticity and are priced at only £49.50! A nearly 3000-year-old artefact! Let's hope they don't vanish before you get the chance to buy yours…
Constantine The Great, Bronze Coin Commemorative of the founding of Constantinople About Extremely Fine_obv

Constantine The Great, Bronze Coin Commemorative of the founding of Constantinople About Extremely Fine

This is one of a handful of very interesting commemorative issues struck by Constantine the Great. The type offered here is one of the more a affordable types and was made for the founding of Constantinople in A.D. 330. They are made from bronze and show the bust of Goddess of the city, ‘Constantinopolis’, in a helmet and war gear on the obverse. The reverse shows the goddess of Victory on the prow of a ship holding a sceptre and shield. This is to symbolise the port being captured using ships by Constantine’s son, Crispus. But what makes these coins so interesting is how well they have survived! At this time bronze coins would circulate so heavily that it is very hard to find them in a good grade. We have a small collection of this commemorative from 1400 years ago in this exceptional About Extremely Fine grade. They are yours for just £69.50.
Elizabeth II, 1/4 Sovereign 2019 Proof_obv

Elizabeth II, 1/4 Sovereign 2019 Proof

Now this is coin that most people have heard of, but not all that many can own. The Quarter Sovereign was one made for the first time in 2009. We have the scarce Jody Clark 2019 in Proof condition of which they only made 2,500 coins. Our coins are complete in the Royal Mint wooden presentation case with all the original paperwork. With this low mintage it is easy to see why so many collectors are missing this coin in their collection. We have a very small number in stock and when these are gone there will be no more… This could well become one of the key coins of the series in the future.
FAO United Nations - World Food Day 1995_obv

FAO United Nations - World Food Day 1995

Bronze 50mm by A. Haiderzad. Obv. Five hands reach for cereal over globe. Rev. bullock drawn plough and tractor. Uncirculated
George I_Halfpenny_Copper_Fair_obv

George I, Halfpenny (Copper) Fair

When Queen Anne died there were no living relatives to take over the monarchy, so we went to Germany for our new King. George I was from Brunswig-Luneburg-Calenberg-Hanover. He didn’t like living here and didn’t speak English so he spent most of his time in Germany. We have these George I Copper Halfpennies available in Fair condition. Dates will be of our choice, just as they come out of the box. These coins are now about 300 years old and not easy to get. Supplies are very limited.