New Stock September 2021 (Rare British Coins)

If you weren't expecting this upload, then I imagine it will come as a nice surprise. And the reason why I'm presenting these coins to you know it is that I finally managed to convince Richard to let go of some Rare British Coins he had - imagine where - that's right, on his desk.

I want you to have the chance to take them home with you before Richard has any last-minute regrets... As always, the early bird catches the worm.

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Anne, 1711  Sixpence EF_obv

Anne, Sixpence 1711 EF

Extremely Fine and deep, colorful tone.
Charles I, Crown 1625-9 Good VF_obv

Charles I, Crown 1625-9 Good VF

mm Cross rev Cross over Lys, Good Very Fine just so much of the fine details show and are clear that this is an outstanding example a real treat
Charles II, Farthing 1672 EF/GVF_obv

Charles II, Farthing 1672

Nearly Extremely Fine/ Good Very Fine.
Edward I, 1272-1307, Long Cross Penny. London Mint. Class 9a1. Good Very Fine_obv

Edward I, Penny Long Cross (London Mint) Class 9a1. Good Very Fine

c.1299-1300. Star on breast. Good Very Fine and attractively toned.
Edward I, 1272-1307. Posthumous Phase Long Cross Penny in the name of Henry III. Bury St Edmunds Mint. Good Very Fine_obv

Edward I, Penny Long Cross Posthumous Phase in the name of Henry III (Bury St Edmunds Mint) Good Very Fine

c.1272-1275. Moneyer ION, Class 6. An excellent example of this fascinating early issue of Edward I transitional portrait displaying features of the earlier Henry III and the later, typical Edward I portrait. Wonderful icy tone, Good Very Fine and Rare.
Edward II, 1307-1327, Long Cross Penny. Durham Mint under Bishop Kallawe. Class 11b1_obv

Edward II, Penny Long Cross (Durham Mint under Bishop Kellawe) Class 11b1.

c.1310-1314. Reverse has a crozier as one limb of the cross. An excellent portrait piece, deeply toned and on a full flan, rare.