New Stock October 2021 (Banknotes)

We've just managed to get a few more banknotes from our head of department, as per usual, these were difficult to get, and, as per usual, the stock availability is limited. Some things never change...

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Cameroon 500 Francs Schoolroomr Unc

Cameroon 500 Francs Schoolroom Unc

Cameroon is part of a Monetary Union under the umbrella of the Central African States. Each country within the union uses a unified note issue but it is easy to work out which country any note was issued for by the code letter appearing on the fronts. In the case of the Cameroon, the letter U was used. This 500 francs design was first issued in 2002 and has a schoolroom scene on the front. On the back, we find a goat, a woman and traditional straw houses. Uncirculated Cameroon 500 francs with U code.
Chris Salmon £50 Boulton/Watt nd (2011) B410 Unc

Chris Salmon £50 Boulton/Watt nd (2011) B410 Unc

Chris Salmon who was Chief Cashier at the Bank of England for a mere 3 years. This £50, first introduced when Salmon was Chief Cashier, was the last paper design for this denomination. (P410) HM The Queen appears on the front as usual with a dual portrait of Matthew Boulton and James Watt, Titans of the Industrial Revolution, on the back. Crisp Uncirculated and soon to vanish from circulation.
Cuba 3 Pesos 2006 P127 Unc

Cuba 3 Pesos 2006 P127 Unc

Ernesto "Che" Guevara at the centre. On the back "Che" cutting sugar cane.
Picture of Gambia 100 Dalasis nd P29 Hologram Unc

Gambia 100 Dalasis nd P29 Hologram Unc

Gambia 100 dalasis nd (2006-10) P29 Brown, green and blue Bird on branch at centre and man at r/ Independence Arch Unc
Greece 5000 Drachma 1942 P119a VF_obv

Greece 5000 Drachma 1942 P119a VF

No, this is not about sports equipment! This is the 5000 drachma note issued by Greece in 1942 when it was under German Occupation (P119) Despite the privations of war, Greece still managed to issue impressively illustrated notes which reflected its considerable heritage. On this 5000 drachma, the statue of Nike at Samothrace dominates the front with workers to the left and right. On the back, a famer sowing seeds. Available in VF and GEF/Unc.
Hong Kong HKSBC 50 Dollars 2016 P213e Lanterns Unc_obv

Hong Kong HK HSBC 50 Dollars 2016 P213e Lanterns Unc

These 50 dollars, dated January 2016, were issued by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. (P213e) The front has illustrations of the famous lion statue and a view of the modern bank headquarters in the background. The back is charming with illustrations form the Spring Lantern Festival. Crisp Uncirculated at £12.50.