New Stock November 2022

On this upload, you'll have the chance to add many sought-after coins to your collection, albeit for what is likely to be a short time period as the stock number for some of these items is quite low...

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Gallienus. A.D. 253-268. Antoninianus Animal Series Very Fine

Gallienus. A.D. 253-268. Antoninianus Animal Series Very Fine

Gallienus ruled as sole emperor from A.D. 260-268 during one of the most difficult times in the history of the empire. He issued a fantastic group of bronze Antoniniani coins to ask Gods for their protection. We offer: the Doe for Diana, The Hippocamp for Neptune, The Gazelle for Diana, and the Panther for Liber. The coins are Very Fine and for some of them we have just seven left, get in quick.
From £24.50
Gallienus. A.D. 253-268. Antoninianus Hippocamp Very fine_rev

Gallienus. A.D. 253-268. Antoninianus Hippocamp Very fine

Bronze Antoniniani coin depecting a Hippocamp on the reverse issued to ask the God Neptune for protection.
George III, Shilling (Bull Head) Fine_obv

George III, Shilling (Bull Head) Fine

In 1816 the Currency Reform Act came into force, which allowed coins to be struck even without the Monarch’s permission. This was put into place because of King George III’s illness and the shortage of small change. From 1816 on, new designs, new weights, new everything. These are the first of the new Sterling Silver Shillings issued from 1816-1820. You have the bull head of the King on one side and a crowned shield on the other side. Even in this grade supplies are limited.
Silver Drachm of Parion 6th Century B.C. Very Fine_obv

Silver Drachm of Parion 6th Century B.C. Very Fine

Founded in 709 B.C., the ancient city of Parion is the present day town of Kemer in Turkey. The image of the Gorgoneion was used to ward off evil and so was put on this silver Drachm made in Parion in the 6th Century B.C. We have two grades, Fine & Very Fine, a fascinating charm, 2500 years ago and now.
Victoria, Florin (Gothic)_obv

Victoria, Florin (Gothic)

The first British decimal coin was the Florin or Two Shillings which today is the 10p. First issued in 1849 and changed to the Gothic design in 1851 these florins were struck in Sterling Silver. You have a crowned portrait of Queen Victoria facing left on the obverse and four crowned coats of arms on the reverse. The strangest thing is that a large part of the population was illiterate, yet instead of putting the date in what is known today as Arabic numerals, they put the date in Roman numerals. So that a large part of the populace could not even read the date that was on the coin. As 1872 became (MDCCC) Ixxii. The coins on offer have seen considerable circulation, but don’t forget that even the most modern of the coins is today 132 years old. We have made sure that you can make out the date, even if only the last digits are clear. Available in different grades. Dates will be of our choice.
From £24.95
Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Fine_obv

Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Fine

Victoria Gothic Florin in Fine.