New Stock November 2021 (Banknotes)

A new stock upload of banknotes is now available on our website and this one only took a month to go live, so it looks like we're making some progress, maybe one day we will be able to update our website with new banknotes every month... one can only hope... For now, we have 15 new banknotes on our website, all worth having a look at and all offered in Unc/AU condition. Don't miss out...

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Australia 10 Dollars 1988 Polymer P49a In Folder of issue_obv

Australia 10 Dollars 1988 Polymer P49a In Folder of issue

In 1988, Australia celebrated its Bicentenary. It was 200 years since permanent settlement began with the arrival of Captain Arthur Philip with 11 ships in the First Fleet in 1788. To mark this important event, Australia issued a special 10 dollar note. It turned out to be very special indeed. It was the first note in the world using the revolutionary polymer plastic developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It moved like paper but had all the durability of plastic. (P49) The front of the note depicts the arrival of the First Fleet and the varied immigrant population which has settled in the intervening 200 years. The back honours Australia’s indigenous population, the Aboriginal people who it is believed settled in Australia over 40,000 years ago. A wonderful note issued over 30 years ago, in official descriptive folder.
Bank Scotland £20 Polymer P-New Queensferry Crossing Commem Unc

Bank Scotland £20 Polymer P-New Queensferry Crossing Commem Unc

When the Bank of Scotland released a polymer £20 last year, they decided to issue two different varieties. There was what would become the regular issue and then there was the Polymer £20 issued to commemorate the new Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth which opened in August 2017. (P-New) These Queensferry Crossing £20 notes were considered a Special Edition because the number printed was limited. The front followed the regular design with the portrait of Sir Walter Scott to the right, a view of the Bank’s Headquarters on The Mound in Edinburgh and a holographic foil stripe featuring the image of Fame, found below the pediment on The Mound. The back is dominated by the span of the bridge over the Forth. There were several records set in its building. During construction in 2013 it made the Guinness Book of Records with the longest continuous underwater concrete pour. The balance cantilevers were recorded as the longest ever. Uncirculated and scarce Queensferry Crossing Polymer £20 notes. Very Limited availability
Canada 1 dollar 1967 Centennial  P84a Unc

Canada 1 dollar 1967 Centennial P84a Unc

In 1967, Canada had year long celebrations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Part of the celebrations included the issue of a special 1 dollar note (P84a) It followed the regular design for the 1 dollar bill but had the unusual feature of the serial numbers being replaced by the date of the centenary 1867-1967. We are delighted to offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of this very unusual dollar.
Cook Islands 3 Dollar Polymer 2021 P-New Unc

Cook Islands 3 Dollar Polymer 2021 P-New Unc

The Cook Islands has just issued a new 3 dollar note in polymer to celebrate the 56th Anniversary of Constitution Day 1965-2021(P-New) The front follows the design of the first paper 3 dollars, discontinued some years ago with a vignette of the legend of Ina riding the shark holding a coconut. The back features a pukapuka fishing canoe at the centre and a view of the Te-Rongo statue to the right. Uncirculated.
De La Rue Promotional Note 100 IBNS London Congress 1997

De La Rue Promotional Note 100 IBNS London Congress 1997 Unc

In 1996, the famous security printers, De la Rue issued a special House Note to honour the centenary of its founder. A portrait of Thomas de La Rue is pictured to the right with a view of current De la Rue Headquarters in Basingstoke on the back. This beautifully printed note is completed with a windowed security thread and a watermark celebrating Portals the illustrious firm of papermakers. In 1997 at the annual London Congress of the International Banknote Society examples of these notes were distributed to attendees and an overprint was added with the IBNS logo and the dates. This is the variety we are delighted to offer now in Crisp Uncirculated.
East Caribbean 5 Dollars P-New Polymer Unc

East Caribbean 5 Dollars P-New Polymer Unc

The East Caribbean Central Bank has been changing from paper and now issue their banknotes on polymer. From this new series, we offer uncirculated examples of the polymer 5 dollars (P-New) Printed vertically in a vibrant green a mature facing portrait of Elizabeth II dominates the front with a hummingbird below. On the back, the impressive Trafalgar Falls in Dominica are featured alongside a vignette of Admiral’s House in Antigua and Barbuda. Uncirculated.