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We have a large number of items in stock, and we are always buying new items. So it's inevitable that over the years, considering the number of items we buy, it's almost inevitable that, over the years, some items will be left forgotten in the back of our storage rooms, only to be dug up again when someone happens to stumble upon them. Some of these items fall into that category, others are recent buys, but they are all worth browsing through. Stock availability however is limited...

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Mauryan Dynasty Punchmarked Karshapana_obv

Mauryan Dynasty Punchmarked Karshapana

The Mauryan Dynasty was a vast empire in South Asia founded by Chandragupta Maurya in 322 BC and based in the Magadha, region. The currency at the time was not made using dies but rather blank pieces of metal which were cut to a weight standard and then authenticated using a variety of punch-marks such as bull, elephant, rabbit, sun, tree, peacock, wheel, standing figures etc. The pieces we offer here are cut into various circular, oblong, square or just irregular shapes and are known as Karshapana. The punch-marks are fascinating and would have likely meant something to the people at the time who handled these ‘coins’ on a daily basis. They are some of earliest forms of currency and are now over 2200 years old. Own a fascinating piece of ancient history starting from £24.95 each.
Oman, 5 Coin Mint Set

Oman, 5 Coin Mint Set

5 coins, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Baisa, it would appear the 5 is the most important one of the set.
Pakistan, 1956 Republic Medal_obv

Pakistan, 1956 Republic Medal

Awarded to members of the Pakistani armed forces, police forces, selected civilian officials, and selected non-officials to commemorate the inauguration of the Republic of Pakistan, 23 March 1956. The obverse has a calligraphic inscription “Jamhuria Islamia Pakistan” or “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan” within a wreath and the reverse has in English “23rd MARCH 1956” in the centre with the same above in Urdu “9 Shaaban-ul-Muazzam 1375”, and below in Bengali “Jamhuria Islamia Pakistan” or “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. The medal is suspended from a straight-bar with a swivelling suspender and is unnamed, as issued. This is an original, full-size award complete with the original ribbon of equal strips of green, red, black, and white.
South Africa, 5 Shillings (Crown) 1952. Choice UNC_obv

South Africa, 5 Shillings (Crown) 1952. Choice UNC

Silver crown issued in 1952 to mark the 300th Anniversary of the founding of Cape Town.
South Africa, George VI, Crown 1952 Choice Unc_obv

South Africa, George VI, Crown 1952 Choice Unc

Because of World War II the only Silver Crown issued for King George VI in this country, was his Coronation issue of 1937. But South Africa issued Silver crowns for this monarch from 1947 until his death in 1952. This is the last George VI Silver Crown ever to be issued. This 1952 South African Silver Crown is also very special, as it is South Africa’s first ever commemorative coin. It was issued for the 300th Anniversary of the founding of Cape Town. On the reverse is a wonderful old sailing ship and the dates 1652-1952. Struck in 500 fine Silver, the examples that we have on offer are in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition, which is about as fine a quality as you can get. A friend in South Africa says that there are no crowns available there, so perhaps our offer is even just a little bit better.
St Helena, 50 Pence (50th anniversary of Queen's Coronation) 2003 Silver Proof_rev

St Helena, 50 Pence (50th anniversary of Queen's Coronation) 2003 Silver Proof

In 2003 the tiny island of St. Helena authorised a very small number of proof sterling silver crownsized 50 Pence pieces to be struck. They were for the 50th anniversary of the Coronation and have the Queen on both sides. we don’t know how many were made but we had never seen one before and knowing who had them made, we would guess very few. We think you will find this crown pleasing in design, and very pleasing in both the low mintage and the low price, especially considering what the mints charge today.