New Stock May 2022

We have a large number of items in stock, and we are always buying new items. So it's inevitable that over the years, considering the number of items we buy, it's almost inevitable that, over the years, some items will be left forgotten in the back of our storage rooms, only to be dug up again when someone happens to stumble upon them. Some of these items fall into that category, others are recent buys, but they are all worth browsing through. Stock availability however is limited...

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George II, Shilling (Old Head) 1758 Fine_obv

George II, Shilling (Old Head) 1758 Fine

King George II ruled from 1727-1760 and he was, of course, the son of King George I. There are two different busts of the King used on his coinage, the Young Head which was used from 1728-1745 and the Old Head which was used from 1746-1758. It is this older bust Shilling that we are offering here. The coins on offer were all struck in 1758. They were struck in Sterling Silver and have a mature bust of the King wearing a laurel wreath on one side and the crowned set of four shields on the other side. They represented England, Ireland, Scotland and France (!); you see we still claimed part of France even in those days. The Shilling is a nice-sized coin and we can offer it in Fine, remember that these coins are now 262 years old!
George V, 10 (1911-1919) Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

George V, (1911-1919) Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

Phil has come across a large parcel of the George V Silver Threepences 1911-1919. It is most important for you to realise that these are the last ever Threepence to be struck in Sterling Silver. In 1920 all our coinage was changed from Sterling Silver (.925 fine) to just .500 fine silver. Our normal price on these coins is £7.50, they are all in nice collectable condition, each coin was hand-selected. We think they are great and to be honest underappreciated. But we buy and we sell. So we have a large group of them and now we have a rather special price. Sort of put-away lots, nice for the children or grandchildren. These are available in lots of 10, 50 and 100. Fantastic for Christmas pudding or for collectors.
From £60.00
George V, 10 (1911-1919) 10 Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

George V, 10 (1911-1919) 10 Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

10 Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences.
George V, 100 (1911-1919) Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences_obv

George V, 100 (1911-1919) Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

100 George V Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences (1911-1919)
George V, 50 (1911-1919) Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences_obv

George V, 50 (1911-1919) Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

50 George V Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences (1911-1919)
Licinius Bronze Coin Very Fine_obv

Licinius Bronze Coin Very Fine

Born around the year A.D. 265 in Roman Dacia, Licinius grew up with the future emperor Galerius and they served in the Roman army together. Galerius later appointed him Augustus in the West in A.D. 308. Following the deaths of Galerius, Maximinus II, and Maxentius by A.D. 313, the empire was left under the control of Licinius and Constantine the Great. Licinius married Constantine’s half-sister, Constantia, to help cement relations but in reality, both men wanted control of the whole empire! They fought on and off until A.D. 324 when Constantine defeated Licinius first at Hadrianopolis then at Chrysopolis. Licinius surrendered and, thanks to his wife, was sent in retirement. In A.D. 325 Licinius and his son were both hanged on the orders of Constantine for plotting. We offer you a bronze coin struck for Licinius which shows his bust on the obverse with various reverses in Very Fine, and as we have not been able to offer these for a long time we expect they will sell fast! Get the coin of Constantine the Great’s ultimate rival and imagine, what could the world be like if he had won?