New Stock May 2022 (Banknotes)

As always we bring you a nice selection of British and world banknotes. So we are confident that at least some of them will suit your collection. All in all, there are 25 'new' banknotes on this upload, although some of them have very limited stock availability. Get the ones that tickle your fancy, before other collectors do!

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Lebanon Set 7 Unc

Lebanon Set 7 Unc

A complete set of the notes issued by Lebanon between the 1960’s and 1980’s. There are 7 different values ranging from the 1 livre through to the 250 livres (P61-7). They are wonderfully illustrated with views of ancient ruins alongside illustrations of a grotto, a stone bridge, a rocky seascape, an ancient fort and temple, a view of a town, and the famous Lebanese cedars. Uncirculated example.
Mauritania 20 Ouguiya P-New /TBB1255 Polymer_obv

Mauritania 20 Ouguiya P-New /TBB1255 Polymer

This 20 unc note is the 20 ouguiya recently issued by Mauritania.(P-New). Dated 2020 there is an illustration of the Great Mosque of Gataga on the front and the geological wonder of Guelb Errichat, known as the Eye of Africa, on the back.
Picture of Nigeria 50 Kobo nd P14 Unc

Nigeria 50 Kobo nd P14 Unc

Nigeria 50 kobo (1973-8) P14 Blue and beige Building/ Lumberjack sawing lumber Unc
Peru 10 Soles 2019 (2021) P-New Unc_obv

Peru 10 Soles 2019 (2021) P-New Unc

These new 10 soles notes from Peru are charming. They are dated 2019 but have only recently been issued (P-New) The front is dominated by the portrait of Chabuca Granda. She was a famous 20th century singer-composer. The back, printed in vertical format, has a charming rendition of a young vicuna, a close relative of the llama, and a familiar sight in the high mountainous grasslands. Crisp Uncirculated.
Solomon Islands 5 Dollars 2019 P-New/TBB221a Polymer Unc_obv

Solomon Islands 5 Dollars 2019 P-New/TBB221a Polymer Unc

Solomon Islands 5 dollars 2019 P-New Polymer Blue & yellow. Arms at r/ Spear fishing. Unc
Spain 25 Pesetas 1928 P74_obv

Spain 25 Pesetas 1928 P74

We offer examples of the 25 pesetas dated 1928 issued by Spain.(P74b) Engraved and printed at Bradbury Wilkinson in New Malden Surrey, the front is dominated by a portrait of 17th-century poet and dramatist Calderon de la Barca alongside a view of his monument in Plaza de Santa Anna in Madrid. The back shows a detail of a painting by Domingo Munoz of The Devotion of the Cross. We can offer this impressive note in Fine and GVF.
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