New Stock May 2022 (Banknotes)

As always we bring you a nice selection of British and world banknotes. So we are confident that at least some of them will suit your collection. All in all, there are 25 'new' banknotes on this upload, although some of them have very limited stock availability. Get the ones that tickle your fancy, before other collectors do!

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Bank Scotland £5 2006 P119e Unc_obv

Bank Scotland £5 2006 P119e Unc

These Bank of Scotland £5 notes are dated 2006 (P119e) A portrait of Sir Walter Scott is on the front. Many ask why his portrait has been used on Bank of Scotland notes. It was all to do with his spirited protest against a decision set to do away with the £1 note in Scotland. He wrote a letter under the pseudonym of Malachi Malagrowther and it caused such a sensation the plan was withdrawn. The back has a vignette from the oil drilling industry. Uncirculated.
Picture of D.H.F. Somerset, £10 'Nightingale' 3rd issue (B348) UNC - Don't publish

D.H.F. Somerset, £10 'Nightingale' 3rd issue (B348) UNC - Don't publish

D H F Somerset was Chief Cashier at the Bank of England between 1980 and 1988. During that period, there were 4 distinct varieties of the Florence Nightingale £10 note. Three had a hidden security thread and 1 had a stardust silver thread. The last of the £10 notes with the buried security thread have the catalogue reference B348 in Vincent Duggleby's English Paper Money. These were also the first £10 note to be printed on giant web presses with the fronts printed in intaglio and the backs with offset lithography. The Bank included a little L on the back to distinguish this variety from others.
De La Rue Isaac Newton IBNS World Paper Money Fair 2010

De La Rue Isaac Newton IBNS World Paper Money Fair 2010

A wonderful Test Note issued by Thomas de La Rue. As their name implies, these were used to test machines handling banknotes and were also a way of promoting the work of the printers. The front has a portrait of Isaac Newton, a medal, and a diagram of the planets. The back has an outline of the spaceship Challenger. The ones we have on offer here were given to all attendees to the IBNS London World Paper Money Fair in 2010 and there is an overprint on the back to denote this. Uncirculated.
France 500 Francs 1994-5 P160 Pierre & Marie Curie VF_obv

France 500 Francs 1994-5 P160 Pierre & Marie Curie VF

France abandoned its own currency when it joined the Eurozone in 2002. The last 500 francs to be issued featured portraits of Pierre and Marie Curie, famous for their work on radium, and between them recipients of several Nobel Prizes (P160) Dated 1994-5, the front has their conjoined portrait and a laboratory scene is on the back. A thick silver segmented security thread is also prominent. We can offer this impressive note in several grades VF and Unc Limited availability.
Picture of G M Gill Historical £5 B357  A01 Prefix Unc

G M Gill Historical £5 B357 A01 Prefix Unc

In 1992 the Bank of England unveiled a completely new series of banknotes. The first in the series was the £5 which featured a larger mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and a portrait of George Stephenson, railway pioneer on the back (B357) The very first notes from this Historical series all had the prefix A01. We have a small quantity of these important notes in Crisp Uncirculated. Limited availability.