New Stock May 2022 (Ancient Coins)

I know, I know... It's been quite a while since I've sent you one of my newsletter updates. I was surprised to learn that nearly all of the coins from the last upload had been sold because honestly, I thought they would take longer to sell. Maybe I shouldn't underestimate demand for ancient coins online...

But better late than never, and I think this last batch will be worth your while. We have 20 coins for you in total and even a video that will allow you to look at some of them under a different lens. And more will be coming soon...

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Severus Alexander AR. Denarius PAX AVG_obv

Severus Alexander AR. Denarius PAX AVG

Severus Alexander, AD 222-235, Silver Denarius, Rome AD 226. Obv. Laureate and draped bust of Severus Alexander facing to right. Rev. PAX AVG, Pax advancing left holding an olive branch and sceptre. [S. 7887 / RIC 168] Virtually as struck with nice light toning.
Tacitus. A.D. 275-276. Æ Ant. SALVS AVG_obv

Tacitus. A.D. 275-276. Æ Ant. SALVS AVG.

Tacitus. A.D. 275-276. Æ Antoninianus. Obverse: Radiate bust right. ReverseL SALVS AVG, Salus standing feeding rising serpent rising from altar. Extremely Fine with traces of silvering and lustre. Scarce in this grade [S.11809]