New Stock May 2022

We have a large number of items in stock, and we are always buying new items. So it's inevitable that over the years, considering the number of items we buy, it's almost inevitable that, over the years, some items will be left forgotten in the back of our storage rooms, only to be dug up again when someone happens to stumble upon them. Some of these items fall into that category, others are recent buys, but they are all worth browsing through. Stock availability however is limited...

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2 Pesos 2015 (Bicentenary of May Revolution) Bimetallic Unc_obv

Argentina, 2 Pesos 2015 (Bicentenary of May Revolution) Bimetallic Unc

Obverse features the 'Sun of May' within the logo of the Bicentenary for the celebration of the 2010 May Revolution.The reverse features the value within the logo of the bicentenary.
Argentina, 2 Pesos 2016 (Bicentenary Declaration Independence) Bimetallic Unc_obv

Argentina, 2 Pesos 2016 (Bicentenary Declaration Independence) Bimetallic Unc

Issued for the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence of Argetnina, the obverse of this coin features the nucleus on top, the Phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom, sustained by pica and clasped hands. The reverse features a stylization of the sun.
Bangladesh, 4-coin mint set_obv

Bangladesh, 4-coin mint set

4 coins, 5 Poisha round 1974, 5 Poisha square 10 Poisha with family and 10 Poisha with tractor.
Edward I, Penny (Durham) Very Good_obv

Edward I, Penny (Durham) Very Good

In the reign of King Edward I (1272-1307) the largest denomination made was the silver Penny. It was of such high quality that the coins were smuggled out of this country, melted down and lower grade imitations made. You have the facing portrait of the King on one side and two crossed lines on the other side to help you to know where to cut it, into halfpennies and farthings. These silver pennies are over 700 years old. We have selected coins struck in Durham, just to make them a little bit rarer and more desirable. Supplies are very limited and we know you will love them, especially if you are from Durham.
Egypt, Mint Set  2005-12 (5 Values)

Egypt, Mint Set 2005-12 (5 Values)

5 coins 2005-12, 5, 10, 25, 50 Milliemes and 1 Piastre bi-metallic.
Elizabeth II, 2020 Four Coin Gold Proof Set

Elizabeth II, 2020 Four Coin Gold Proof Set

In 2020 the Royal Mint issued a four-piece Gold Proof Set to honour the 200th anniversary of the end of George III’s rule. George III is our 3rd longest-serving Monarch after Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Each brilliant Proof Gold coin has a special George III privy mark. There were only 600 sets made and they sold out almost immediately. When this description was written each set of £2, £1, £1/2, and £1/4 contained about £1,300 worth of gold. The original Royal Mint price was £1,945. We have seen a few offered for sale online at prices we could not believe. These coins have the Jody Clark bust of the Queen on them, the last portrait of the Queen on coins. Each four-coin Gold Proof set comes in a handsome wooden presentation box with a certificate and explanation booklet. You will love the presentation. We have managed to buy just 20 of these gold proof sets and only 3 remain in stock, our price to our clients is just £200 over the Official Royal Mint sold out issue price. We buy right, we sell right and this one is really right. Remember there is about £1,300 worth of gold in the set alone…