New Stock March 2022

We hope you are ready to add some new items to your collection because there are some very special items available in higher grades in this stock update. Unfortunately, the availability of some of these items is very limited. So think fast, and if you see something you like add it to your shopping cart and checkout!

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Peru, 10 Soles, 1969. KM.253_obv

Peru, 10 Soles, 1969. KM.253

This halfcrown sized coin was issued by the South American country of Peru in 1969. It has a modern representation of two fish on the reverse and the Peruvian coat of arms on the obverse. You don’t see all that many modern coins from Peru and this one has quite an attractive design on it and is in uncirculated condition. Supplies are very limited.
Saint Helena/Ascension, 50 Pence (Crown) 1953-2003 Proof_obv

Saint Helena/Ascension, 50 Pence (Crown) 1953-2003

Saint Helena/Ascension Silver Proof 50p 1953-2003 Crown
Sri Lanka, Mint Set  2013 (6 Values)

Sri Lanka, Mint Set 2013 (6 Values)

(formerly Ceylon) 2005-13, six coins 25c, 50, 1, 2, 5 and 10 Rupees. The reverse is the symbol of Sri Lanka.
Thrace, Cherronesos Hemidrachm Good Fine_obv

Thrace, Cherronesos Hemidrachm Good Fine

These silver coins come from the Greek colony of Cherronesos, on the present-day Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey. They were issued over the period from 400-350 B.C. to support trade with cities along the coast of the Black Sea. They feature the forepart of a lion on the obverse and on the reverse a four-part incuse square with various mintmark symbols. A striking coin and now nearly 2400 years old!
Tristan da Cunha,1999 Churchill 50 Pence Silver Proof_obv

Tristan da Cunha, 50 Pence (Churchill) 1999 Silver Proof

Winston Churchill is one of Britain's most famous heroes and one of only two non-Royals featured on our crowns. This Silver Proof 50 Pence dated 1999 was issued by the tiny island nation of Tristan da Cunha and of course not many were struck, in fact, you almost never see them. You Have Churchill on the reverse with World War Two airplanes flying overhead the obverse has H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. We cannot remember the last time we had one of these. Supplies are very limited and it is one of the keys of the Churchill series. Priced at less than half what the mints are charging for a crown today. Each silver proof crown comes in a protective capsule.
Victoria Young Head Crown Very Fine_obv

Victoria, Crown (Young Head) Very Fine

In 1839 they struck the first Victorian Crown, but this date was only for the Proof Set and not for general circulation. It wasn’t until 1844 that they struck coins for the public to use. They only made them in 1844, 1845, and 1847 and then they didn’t make another Crown until 1887. This Sterling Silver Crown has the Young Head of Queen Victoria on one side and a crowned shield on the other side. Because there was a 40-year gap between the last Young Head Crown and the first Jubilee Head Crown, the Young Head Crowns generally come quite well used however, the coins on offer are in Very Fine condition a grade we haven’t been able to offer for a while. Even now the number we have is extremely limited...