New Stock March 2022

We hope you are ready to add some new items to your collection because there are some very special items available in higher grades in this stock update. Unfortunately, the availability of some of these items is very limited. So think fast, and if you see something you like add it to your shopping cart and checkout!

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Bag of 10 South African Farthings

Bag of 10 South African Farthings

We don’t know where it came from we don’t know when we bought it or even how much we paid for it, but all that said it is there. It contains George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Farthings and has never been sorted for better Dates or varieties. It is just how we bought them… We are going to have one of the staff members who doesn’t handle the coins, to just count them out into packages of 10 coins, come what may. We have had a quick look and they look much nicer than we would have expected let’s call them selected circulated. So you get a bag of 10 South African Farthings totally unchecked. After all the South African Farthing is not a coin you will see everyday.
Battle of Midway Medal Collection

Battle of Midway Medal Collection

This handsome Worth Collection is for the Battle of Midway in the Second World War, the battle that started the battle changing in the good guys favour. It is a magnificent collection. The reverse of each crownsized medal has the flags and planes of Japan and the United States fighting each other. The obverses show fi ve diff erent colour renditions of the Battle of Midway. Each is gold plated and comes in a protective capsule, the whole collection comes in a Worth Collection presentation case. This collection would be great for your World War Two collection, especially as the set of fi ve in the presentation case is just £19.50. That is less than £4 a medallion. Supplies are limited.
Bermuda, Mint Set 1999-2009 (5 Values)_obv

Bermuda, Mint Set 1999-2009 (5 Values)

1999-2009, five coins all with the Queen’s portrait. 1c with hog, 5c fish, 10c flower, 25c bird, and $1 sailing ship.
Bronze coin of Timoleon of Syracuse_obv

Bronze coin of Timoleon of Syracuse

Syracuse was founded by people from Corinth in the 8th Century B.C. They would often call on the mother city in times of trouble and in 344 B.C. when Sicily was at the mercy of the tyrants, Dionysius & Hicetas, Timoleon was sent to help. He defeated them and their Carthaginian allies and a treaty in 338 B.C. set up a democracy which he was involved in until his death in 337 B.C. These bronze coins date to this period of change in Sicily. The obverse shows Athena in Corinthian helmet with the reverse a Hippocamp, the horse of the sea. These are Scarce coins in a Very Good grade at only £25 for an over 2300-year-old coin.
Charles II, Crown Fine_obv

Charles II, Crown Fine

In 1662 the Mint started making silver crowns on a machine, so they were milled rather than hammered coins. The Crown or five shillings was the largest silver coin made at the time. Please remember that these coins are over 300 years old and were a hell of a lot of money at the time. You have the bust of King Charles II on the obverse four shields and his initials on the reverse. Dates will be of our choice but this first milled crown of King Charles II is available in three grades for most collectors. Offered here in Fine.

Constantius Gallus Bronze Coin in Very Fine

Born in Etruria around A.D. 325 Gallus was a sickly child, saving him in A.D. 337 from the purges by the sons of Constantine I. By A.D. 351 Constantius II was ruling alone and needed support. He raised his cousin Gallus to the rank of Caesar, gave him the name Constantius and appointed him governor over the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. But Gallus was not fit for the job. He was so tyrannical and brutal that the local citizens were forced to complain directly to Constantius II to avoid retribution. Constantius recalled Gallus to Italy, had him arrested on the journey, tried and executed in A.D 354! As he only reigned three years Gallus is the hardest to find of all the Constantinian ruling dynasty. These coins, in Fine and Very Fine, show a soldier spearing a fallen horseman on the reverse with a profile bust of Constantius Gallus on the obverse. Gallus will be missing from many collections and our supplies are limited, do not miss out.