New Stock March 2022 (Banknotes)

Good news for banknote collectors: we've uploaded more than 30 banknotes this time, and there are some very interesting banknotes on this upload. Don't forget that stock is limited...

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Japan Hansatsu Red/Black (ML)

Japan Hansatsu Red/Black (ML)

These Japanese Hansatsu notes issued in the 19th-century, are often referred to as Book Mark Money, because of their shape. A dealer friend recently went to Japan and picked up a group of these fascinating pieces of financial history, including these on offer now. They are printed in black on cream card with red seals and a vignette of a man in flowing robes.
Kenya 50-200 Shillings P-New Unc_all

Kenya 50-200 Shillings P-New Unc

A trio of Crisp Uncirculated notes recently issued by Kenya. Our set of three comprises the 50, 100, and 200 shilingi and each value has a different theme (P-New). The front has a common design of the Kenyatta Statue in the foreground and the International Conference Centre in Nairobi in the background. The 50 shillings, on the theme of green energy, illustrates a wind farm, solar panels, and a geothermal electricity plant. The 100 shillings, on the theme of agriculture, features corn cobs, the tea harvest, and livestock. Finally, the 200 has a theme of Social Services with illustrations depicting a doctor examining a child, a teacher with pupils and their laptops and a group of runners. Uncirculated.
L K O'Brien Britannia Blue £5 B280 AUnc

L K O'Brien Britannia Blue £5 B280 AUnc

Known by collectors as the Britannia Blue, this £5 replaced the iconic Bank of England White £5 in 1957. It is one of the most impressive designs of the whole Bank of England series. It had a very short life because, in 1960, the Bank started to introduce notes with the Queen’s portrait for the first time and this series was never completed. A helmeted Britannia is on the front and a lion holding a key is on the back. An iconic note in its own right and available now in A Unc.
Picture of Luxembourg 100 Francs nd P58b Unc

Luxembourg 100 Francs nd P58b Unc

Luxembourg 100 francs nd P58b Pink and m/c Grand Duke and Palace/ View over spires of Luxembourg City Unc
Picture of Mali (as W Afric States) 500 francs P410D Unc

Mali (as W Afric States) 500 francs P410D Unc

Mali (as West Africa States) 500 francs 2003 P410Dn Green, yellow and brown Man at r with dam in background/ Man on sprayer Unc
Mexico Borda Antigua Y Anexas 50 Dollars Share 1912_obv

Mexico Borda Antigua Y Anexas 50 Dollars Share 1912

These shares for 50 dollars were issued in 1912 to raise money for the mining company Borda Antigua y Anexas which was based in Tlapujahua in Mexico, famous for its gold and silver mines. The text is in both French and Spanish and two 3 cent stamps are attached for duty paid. Uncashed dividend coupons are attached and the bond bears the facsimile signatures of 6 of the company’s officials. It’s a handsome piece measuring 300 mm x 365 mm.