New Stock March 2022 (Banknotes)

Good news for banknote collectors: we've uploaded more than 30 banknotes this time, and there are some very interesting banknotes on this upload. Don't forget that stock is limited...

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Guatamala 20 Quetzales 2020(2021) Bicentenary Ind P-New Unc

Guatamala 20 Quetzales 2020 (2021) Bicentenary Ind P-New Unc

2021 marked 200 years of independence for Guatemala. To mark this important anniversary, a new 20 quetzales banknote was issued and which we are delighted to offer now. (PNew) The front is printed in a vertical format and shows a portrait of Dr Manuel Galvez. He was the leader of the independence movement and Chief of State of Guatemala in the Federation of Central America. On the back, we find a depiction of the signing of the Act of Independence in 1821. Uncirculated.
Guernsey £5 2000 P60 Millenium Issue Unc_obv

Guernsey £5 2000 P60 Millenium Issue Unc

In the year 2000, the island of Guernsey issued a special £5 note to mark the passing of the Millennium. (P60) A facing mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is on the front alongside a vignette of St James Church in St Peter Port together with a commemorative overprint and the special prefix MM. The back features views of Fort Grey and the Hanois Lighthouse built-in 1862. Crisp Uncirculated.
Guinea 100-20,000 Francs 2015-2018 (4) Unc

Guinea 100-2,000 Francs 2015-2018 (4) Unc

A quartet of uncirculated notes from Guinea. Included in the set is the 100,500, 1000, and 2000 Guinean francs dated between 2015 and 2018. This colourful set has illustrations of citizens on the front while the backs feature a banana grove, a mine head, a truck collecting ore, and a mountain. Crisp Uncirculated colourful Guinea.
Hong Kong HK&S Bank 20 Dollars 1997 P201 Unc_obv

Hong Kong HK&S Bank 20 Dollars 1997 P201 Unc

1997 was the year that Britain handed back Hong Kong to China after its 100-year lease expired. 1997 is also the date these 20 dollars were issued by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (P201) An impressive lion’s head appears to the right on the front with a view of the built-up area of Hong Kong island in the background. The back features the new Bank Headquarters, the lion statues which were found in front of the old HQ, and a view of the famous Star Ferry, a familiar sight plying its route across the Hong Kong Harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. Uncirculated.
Iran 50,000 Rials 2021 P-New Unc

Iran 50,000 Rials 2021 P-New Unc

Iran has been suffering from rampant inflation and has been forced to revalue its banknotes. They recently lopped 4 zeros of the denominations. From this new series, we offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 5 (or 50,000) rials (P-New)The front has a portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini while the back has a view of the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz alongside calligraphy of Hafez’s Ghazal II, Uncirculated.
Isle of Man £1 Dawson P34 Unc

Isle of Man £1 Dawson P34 Unc

Issued in the Isle of Man’s Millennium year, 1979, the 50p and £1 notes in this pair are signed by Dawson with the special new title ‘Treasurer of the Isle of Man’. Queen Elizabeth II is on both notes. She oversaw the 1000th opening of their open-air parliament in that year. The back of the 50 pence note shows a Viking boat, whereas the £1 shows Tynwald Hill, the ancient seat of Manx Parliament (P34). Available individually or as a pair, both in Uncirculated condition.