New Stock March 2021

If you don't mind us saying so, this stock upload is the perfect follow up to the previous one, it features many items that we think you will enjoy.  

Don't miss out on the £5 Piedfort of the White Greyhound of Richmond, a great addition to your collection if you collect the Queen's Beasts series and you've recently purchased the White Lion of Mortimer.

Also featured are the 1996 Silver Proof Set, a coin from the Roman Emperor known as Constantine the Great, which you can add to your starter Roman Coin Collection, and Queen Victoria's 1887 Jubilee Head Shilling in Extremely Fine.

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Picture of Elizabeth II, Halfcrown 1964 BU

Elizabeth II, Halfcrown 1964 BU

The 1964 Halfcrown has always been one of the most difficult to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Even at the time of issue, it was not an easy coin to find in top grade. If you are missing this coin or you know someone born or married in 1964 then this coin would make a great gift. Supplies are limited, don’t miss out.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Pound Silver Proof 2009

Elizabeth II, Pound Silver Proof 2009

Today the Royal Mint is charging £49.50 for a 2012 Sterling Silver Proof Pound. We have bought one hundred pieces of the 2009 Silver Proof Pound, all in their original black cases of issue with their certificates just as they were issued by the Royal Mint. You have a shield on one side and the Rank-Broadly bust of the Queen on the other side. They are struck, in Proof Sterling Silver and were sold by the Royal Mint back in 2009.

Falkland Islands, 50 Pence (Prince Andrew Crown) 1985

This crown was issued in 1985 for Prince Andrews visit to the Falkland Islands, where he had served during the conflict. He was there to open the new Mount Pleasant Airport in May 1985. It is Prooflike Uncirculated Crownsized 50 Pence. You have H. H. the Queen (his Mother) on the obverse and his portrait on the reverse. If you are going to use this coin for gambling, be sure to call heads. Steve just found 50 pieces that had been forgotten in the move…
Picture of George IV, Shilling (Bare Head) Very Good

George IV, Shilling (Bare Head) Very Good

King George IV only ruled from 1820-1830, so his coinage was rather short-lived. The coin on offer is his sterling silver shilling issued between 1825-1829. You have the King’s head facing left and the reverse has a lion standing on a crown. They were only issued in 1825, 1826, 1827 and 1829. When you joined the army or navy you were said to take the King’s Shilling, so why not take The Sailor King’s Shilling? These coins are now over 180 years old and time to add one or more to your collection. In Very Good condition.

Japan, 100 Mon Bronze Coin

This bronze coin comes from Japan and was one of the last issued before they went Decimal. It reads Tempo Tshuo or 100 Mon and has a validation mark on the edge. It was cast at Edo (Tokyo), it is oblong with a large square hole in the center. It was issued between 1835 and 1870, just before contact with the outside world was more firmly established with the visit of Perry. A most interesting coin and one that you certainly don’t see everyday. It has been sometime since we were last were able to offer you these coins. It is at least 150 years old and a bit of a conversation piece. Supplies are limited.
Picture of Monaco, 1994 Ecu Cupro-Nickel

Monaco, 1994 Ecu Cupro-Nickel

As many of you who collect Euros know, anything from Monaco is rare and expensive. The same holds true for the Pattern Ecu pieces of 1994. At that time everyone thought the new coinage was going to be called Ecus and not Euros. These were privately issued and highly collected. We have bought out the last of the group that was struck in 1994 and our prices are far more reasonable. These pieces can never be struck again. They have the famous Montgolfier’s balloon taking off over a country house with air balloons and sailing ships over a map of Europe