New Stock March 2021 (Rare British Coins)

I've been wanting to do this upload for a while, but with the number of orders we've been having online, and me having to jump in to help our customer service department fulfil those same orders, I've been left with little time to pick coins for this upload.    

But I can promise you that it was worth the wait, as this update brings you a William & Mary 1689 Halfcrown, a George II 1735 Halfcrown, a Charles II 1670 Halfcrown, a William III 1700 Shilling, a George IV 1825 Halfcrown, an 1873 Gothic Florin, an 1894 LVII Victoria Old Head Crown, a Charles II 1663 Crown,a George III 1806 Penny, and many other Rare British Coins.

If these coins are missing in your collection, DO NOT waste time and get them while you still can, as I don't know when will we be able to update our website with other Rare British Coins. Don't say I didn't warn you...

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Charles II, Halfcrown 1670 Very Fine

3rd bust. V. Secundo, Very Fine the reverse even better

Victoria, Copper Penny 1853

Ornamental Trident, Uncirculated Catalogues £475