New Stock March 2021 (Ancient Coins)

I had 4 coins I really wanted to upload onto the website before the end of March and before we sent out the New April Stock Upload. It's been a busy month and with everything that's going on I got caught doing something else, and I placed the coins in a plastic bag together with the rest of the ancient coin stock for the website. Well, being as lucky as I am, someone who shall remain unnamed decided to order the coins and this person placed all 4 coins with the rest of the stock...  

Now at this point, I had forgotten which coins were on the bag, so I had to go over everything again and found some coins that were not supposed to be there. Needless to say, that I had to upload them all to the website for you. Will they stay there for a while? I'm guessing they won't, judging by how fast they're going recently...             

So don't miss this chance of adding to your collection a Rare Sestertius with a portrait of a 'great artist that the world lost', representing the grain supply to Rome. Or a Diadrachm of Pixodaros, a ruler that almost married his daughter to Alexander the Great. Which in turn, was a great friend of Lysimachos, who then became the basileus ("King") of Thrace, Asia Minor, and Macedon in 306 BC. So plenty of important historical figures on this upload featured on coins. Too many to name all here.
As per usual, there's only one coin of each available, so have a good look at our offering and be quick to the checkout page.

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Roman Republic. 235-230 B.C. Anonymous Issue. AR Didrachm_obv

Roman Republic. 235-230 B.C. Anonymous Issue. AR Didrachm.

Roman Republic. 235-230 B.C. Anonymous Issue. AR Didrachm. Laur. head of Apollo R. / Horse galloping L. with 'ROMA' above. Very Fine & Rare.
Satraps_of_Caria_Pixodaros. Ca. 341-335_B.C._AR_Didrachm_obv

Satraps of Caria, Pixodaros. Ca. 341-335 B.C. Halikarnassos mint. AR Didrachm.

Laureate head of Apollo facing, turned slightly right / ΠIΞΩΔAPOY’ Zeus Labraundos standing right, holding double-axe (labrys) & lotus-tipped sceptre. Very Fine & Scarce. A beautiful Hellenistic portrait of Apollo. This ruler almost married his daughter to Alexander the Great before Philip, his father, put a stop to it!
Tarsos, Cilicia, 430-400 B.C., Silver Stater_obv

Tarsos, Cilicia. 430-400 B.C. AR Stater.

Lion attacking a kneeling Bull to right / Ear of Corn in incuse square. Very Fine/Good Very Fine & Scarce. Sear 5631 but catalogues at £700 so very reasonable.
Valens_A.D. 364-378_Antioch - A.D. 373-374_obv

Valens A.D. 364-378. Antioch - A.D. 373-374. AR Siliqua.

Pearl-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right / 'VOT / X / MVL / XX' in four lines; all within wreath; 'ANT' in ex. Flan crack, About Extremely Fine & Scarce. Valens was annihilated by the Goths at Hadrianopolis.