New Stock July 2023 (Part II)

Our latest stock upload brings you quite a lot of new items, as well as items that have been on our website in the past but have sold out.

Enjoy browsing, but please remember that limited quantities are available on our website, so please proceed quickly to checkout if an item interests you!

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2023 Charles III £2 (Merlin) 1 Oz Brilliant Unc_rev

Charles III, £2 (Merlin) 2023 Silver 1 Oz Brilliant Unc

The Royal Mint has issued a new one ounce silver £2 coin as part of the Myths and Legends series. But, for the first time, it carries the portrait of King Charles III. This portrays Merlin the magician doing his magic and is dated 2023. The coin is struck in BU specimen condition on one side and with the crosshatches on the other side. It is the first of this series to have King Charles III’s portrait. It is one you should have in your collection.
Constantine the Great. A.D. 330-354. Follis She-wolf and twins Extremely Fine_obv

Constantine the Great. A.D. 330-354. Follis She-wolf and twins Extremely Fine

After a period of time out of stock we have just managed to source more of these charming commemorative issues struck by Constantine the Great. The type offered here was made to reaffirm Rome as the centre of the empire in A.D. 330. They are made from bronze and show the Goddess of the city, ‘Roma’, in a helmet and war gear on the obverse. The reverse shows the She-Wolf (Lupa Romana) suckling the babies Romulus and Remus. This is to symbolise the origin story of the founding of Rome. At the time bronze coins would circulate so heavily that it is very hard to find them in a good grade but we have managed to get just 25 more in Extremely Fine and they are still very affordable at just £79.50.
Cyprus, Edward VII, 9 piastres 1907 Fine_obv

Cyprus, Edward VII, 9 piastres 1907 Fine

Most coins issued under Edward VII in Cyprus were issued for one year only during his relatively short reign. These 9 piastre coins are no exception and are all dated 1907. We can now offer you a chance to own one of these one-year-only coins in Fine to Very Fine condition. They show the bust of the king on the obverse, while the reverse shows a crown resting on a scroll inscribed with Cyprus and Nine Piastres on the lower edge of the coin.

Edward VII, Crown 1902 Fine

1902 Coronation Crown struck in silver, the only crown of King Edward VII, offered here in Fine.
1902 Half Sovereign Very Fine_obv

Edward VII, Half Sovereign 1902 Very Fine

The Half Sovereign has always been more difficult to get than the full Sovereign, because they made a lot less Half Sovereigns than Sovereigns. We found a group of the King Edward VII Half Sovereigns that we had put away years ago. We checked with the bullion houses to see what the current price was. Surprise, surprise, none of the bullion houses had any in stock and they hadn’t had any for quite some time. We have nice Very Fine examples of the 1902 Half Sovereign. Get them while you can, at Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop we have almost everything a collector could want…
1905 Edward VII Gold Half Sovereign Very Fine_obv

Edward VII, Half Sovereign 1905 Very Fine

1905 Edward VII gold Half Sovereign. Very Fine. Everyone who collects the coins of King Edward VII knows that the silver coins dated 1905 are Rare. Well here is a Gold coin of King Edward VII dated 1905 and it won’t cost you the earth… It is the Half Sovereign which, as most collectors realise, is far more difficult to get than the full sovereign. We remember years ago at Christmas time, when gold coins were wanted for jewellery for gifts, that Half Sovereigns sold for more money than full Sovereigns. Even though they contained half the gold. The coins on offer are struck by the Royal Mint in 22ct Gold, weigh about 4 grams and are in Very Fine condition. They are now almost 120 years old and certainly can be called antique. Many things going for it, especially the quality and the price.

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