New Stock July 2023

In this new stock upload, we bring you a number of very interesting items starting with a Eighteen Pence George III Bank Token issued during the Napoleonic Wars and just before the Great Recoinage of 1816. We are offering this token in Unc condition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add this important piece of our numismatic history to your collection. Stock availability is very limited.

Also in small supply is the last issue of the late Queen’s Half Sovereign. If you don’t have it in your collection already, now might be a good time to do get it…

Few British myths and legends are as well-known as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Get this £2 one once silver coin and include this legend in your collection.

Now, if you collect ancient coins and if you don’t have a silver portrait of Geta in your collection we’re giving you the opportunity to remember Caracalla’s younger brother and have him featured in your collection. Once again we do not expect these coins to last long in stock.

Finally, we have a Roman dice made of bone (most likely sheep) that will require you to be quick to the checkout page in order to get it. Don’t be surprised if by the time you read this it is no longer available.

We wish you good luck in getting the items you desire.

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Cyprus 5-coin Mint Set 1963-1983

Cyprus 5-coin Mint Set 1963-1983

In 1963 Cyprus issued its first coinage after gaining independence only three years earlier. Before that in 1955, the British colonial authorities decimalised the island’s currency using the “pound-mil” system whereby the pound was subdivided into 1,000 mils. It was not until 1983 that the subdivision was changed to 100 cents to the pound. We can now offer a full set of these post-independence coins showing the name of the country in both Greek and Turkish.
East Africa, 1 Cent 1922 Uncirculated With Lustre_obv

East Africa, George V, 1 Cent 1922 Uncirculated With Lustre

George V, KM22, Uncirculated with lustre
East India Company 1/12 Anna 1835 Abt. Unc_obv

East India Company 1/12 Anna 1835 Abt. Unc.

This is a denomination that you just don’t see all that often and when you do they are in Fine – Very Fine condition. We have a small group in what we will call About Uncirculated with lustre, We have seen a couple of similar coins graded Uncirculated. Coincraft is a little more conservative in our grading. This coin is Rare and so is the condition. KM445. It is a small lot and one you should not miss out on. This coin and condition is RARE.
2023 £2 King Arthur 1 Oz Unc_rev

Elizabeth II, £2 (King Arthur) 1 Oz Silver 2023 Unc

Carrying on from the Robin Hood series the Royal Mint has issued a prooflike £2 silver coin featuring King Arthur, of the round table. Each coin is dated 2023 and carries the portrait of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. A beautiful coin brilliant prooflike on one side and cross-hatched Uncirculated on the other. It is most unusual to feature Her Majesty on a coin dated 2023. Each coin contains one ounce of silver and carries on a most popular series. Get these while you can, the earlier coins have mostly sold out. One of the marketing companies is advertising them at a price you wouldn’t believe.
2022 Half Sovereign Brilliant Unc_obv

Elizabeth II, Half Sovereign 2022 Brilliant Unc

We have a very short amount of the 2022 Half Sovereign in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. It features the last portrait by Jody Clark and the one-off reverse for the Diamond Jubilee in 2022. The last issue of the late Queen's Half Sovereign...
1997 Royal Mint Proof Set_obv

Elizabeth II, Royal Mint 1997 Proof Set

10-coin set in original Royal Mint case. Includes the £5 commemorative Golden Wedding Anniversary coin.

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