New Stock July 2022 (Part III)

This month is a special month, as we have now made three consecutive uploads to our website. Why, do we hear you ask? Well, with many of our staff going on holiday next month, we just had to make sure items we have enough items for you to browse through in August, too. And if in the last upload we went all out with the special hot deals we offered you, in this upload, we are going to do something a bit different and offer you the opportunity to own some very interesting numismatic curiosities (while still giving you a good deal on them).

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50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Medal Set

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Medal Set

This fantastic set of five medallions has been issued by The Worth Collection for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. You get five different silvered medallions with full colour photos of Apollo 11. They are in Proof condition and have been silver plated. The set comes in a plush display case. The reverse medallion has an astronaut standing on the Moon holding an American flag with his spaceship in the foreground. If you are into space then this set is for you. First time offered.
Australia, George VI (World War II), Sixpence_Sterling Silver_obv

Australia, George VI (World War II), Sixpence (Sterling Silver) Circulated

From almost the other side of the world, or Australia to be exact, we offer King George VI Silver Sixpences that were struck during World War II. They are dated between 1939-1945 and are in selected circulated condition. An Australian friend sold them to us. Not an easy coin to find, as many of them were melted down after the Second World War. We think this is the first time we have offered them. Second World War, silver and King George VI have a lot going for them and they are Sterling Silver.
Beatles British Music Medal Proof_obv

Beatles British Music Medal Proof

Medals of British music Legends, the Beatles. The obverse features the four members of the group. The Beatles were John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The reverse shows the logo of the band, a guitar, and their names. Full crownsized and in Proof condition. Sold with a protective capsule in a snaplock bag.
Congo, 10 Francs (Warriors of the World - Spartan) 2010 Proof_rev

Congo, 10 Francs (Warriors of the World - Spartan) 2010 Proof

This fantastic crownsized Proof sliver plated 10 Franc piece was part of a set of 12 Crowns from the Democratic Republic of the Congo depicting the Warriors of the World. It is a gleaming two-toned proof and looks just like a silver coin, but it is in fact heavily silver plated. It depicts a Spartan warrior and we offer them for what we think is a very fair and reasonable price.
2022 £2 Little John 1 Oz Silver Specimen Unc_obv

Elizabeth II, £2 (Little John) 2022 1 Oz Silver Specimen Unc

For some reason, the Royal Mint has had delays in delivering the third in the Robin Hood Series, but at last, it is here… Little John, one ounce of pure silver dated 2022, has been added to Robin Hood series. Each coin has a face value of £2 and contains one ounce of pure silver. Each coin is in Specimen Uncirculated condition and comes in a Mint protective capsule. For some reason, this third issue for Little John has proved hard to get. Our agent has now received our allocation and as soon as we got them we offered them to you. We have all three of these issues in stock and ready to fill your orders. In the past, as a series increased, the early issues have proved difficult to get, don’t let that happen to you…
George V, Crown (St. George) 1911 Choice Silver Proof Patina_obv

George V, Crown (St. George) 1911 Choice Silver Proof Patina

Patina retro pattern reproduction of a 1911 George V Crown with Arabic numerals. Choice Silver Proof.