New Stock July 2022

It has certainly been a while since the last stock upload. And yes, we did skip a month so apologies for having kept you waiting. But sometimes you just have to take some time to collect information about our hobby and make that available to you, to help you on your coin-collecting journey. This gap has allowed us to do just that, as we now have available on our blog many of our coin collecting tips offered on our social media channels for your reference.

But the wait is now over and new stock is finally here, but remember that stock availability is LIMITED, So be quick to the checkout page if you want to see these items in your collection...

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Birmingham Mining & Copper Company Halfpenny Token Very Fine_obv

Birmingham Mining & Copper Company Halfpenny Token Very Fine

Another interesting and attractive 18th-century copper token for our growing band of collectors. This time from Warwickshire, issued by the Birmingham Mining & Copper Company between 1791-94. The company was set up in 1790, after the failure of various other ventures, to provide the huge industrial centre of Birmingham with its own copper smelters and to attempt to counter the dominance of the Anglesey and Cornish mining interests. These lovely tokens feature a female figure seated on a rock holding fasces (a bundle of wooden rods and an axe bound together by leather straps which was a symbol in ancient times of power and authority) with the legend BIRMIGHAM MINING AND COPPER COMPANY with the date below. The reverse features a stork standing on a cornucopiae with the legend HALFPENNY PAYABLE AT. The edge inscription states the locations at which these tokens were redeemable Birmingham, Redruth, Swansea, Bangor, Reading, Liverpool or London.
Cilician Armenia, Levon I (1198-1219), AR Tram  Extremely Fine_obv

Cilician Armenia, Levon I (1198-1219), AR Tram Extremely Fine

On 6 January 1198, the Armenian Kingdom was formed when the then Prince Levon (The Lion) II was crowned as King Levon I, King of Cilician Armenia. He became known as ‘Levon the Magnificent’ due to his numerous contributions to political, military, and economic influence. His growing power made him a particularly important ally for the neighbouring crusader state of Antioch. The coinage of King Levon I set the standard for that of following Cilician rulers, comprising coins struck in silver, copper, and bronze and the odd, very rare, gold issue. On these silver Trams he is shown seated facing on an ornamented throne, holding a cross and fleur-de-lis with the legend ‘Levon King of the Armenians’ around. The reverse depicts a pair of lions standing back to back flanking a tall cross with the legend ‘By the Will of God’ in Armenian around. These are nice grade silver coins available in Extremely Fine condition, and are now over 800 years old, from a once-influential but now long-forgotten kingdom.
Constantine I the Great. Sol. About Very Fine_obv

Constantine I the Great. Sol. About Very Fine

Constantine I is the only Roman emperor called ‘the Great’. His father was Constantius I who died in York in A.D. 306 so the army proclaimed Constantine emperor. From A.D. 307 Constantine pronounced himself ‘Augustus’ and slowly but surely became the sole ruler of the empire. Notably, at the Milvian Bridge in A.D. 312, he defeated Maxentius with a Christian symbol on his soldier’s shields given by God in a dream. As he aged Constantine left the old gods behind, becoming Christian, and this support shaped our modern world as Christianity in the medieval era was the common cause that united the West. He was baptised just before his death in A.D. 337 at roughly 65. We offer you this bronze coin minted before his conversion to Christianity. It grades in About Very Fine condition with a pagan reverse of Sol Invictus the sun god, made before A.D. 320. If you already have the 'Wreath' reverse (offered below), a coin made after Constantine moved away from pagan imagery, you can pair it with this coin and display in your collection coinage of the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity both 'before and after' this important event, that would alter the course of history!
Cuba 1995 1 Peso 50th Anniversary of United Nations Unc_obv

Cuba, 1 Peso (50th Anniversary of United Nations) 1995 Unc

One of the last of the crowns the Royal Mint issued for the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations. They are all crownsized and struck in Uncirculatedcupro-nickel. In very short supply, all were issued in 1995 and they are rather exotic.
Elizabeth II, Sovereign Rank-Broadley Unc_obv

Elizabeth II, Sovereign Rank-Broadley Unc

Ian Rank-Broadley sovereign offered in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Dates will be of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates we will try to give you.
George III, Jersey, Dollar (Bank of England Emergency Issue) 1808 Patina Goldine Prooflike_rev

George III, Jersey, Dollar (Bank of England Emergency Issue) 1808 Patina Goldine Prooflike

1808 Retro-dated George III Dollar from Jersey Prooflike golden alloy.