New Stock July 2021 (British Coins)

Remember that in the last Newsletter I told you about a number of coins I had just purchased for the website? Well, these are those coins. As a newsletter subscriber interested in British coins you get first refusal at the new stock on our website.

I know that in the last stock upload I let a lot of people down by only providing 9 coins for your British coin collection, sorry... that was just a taster of what is yet to come, and rest assured a lot more is still to come.  

So in this one, I'm going to make it up to you by offering you 44 coins!

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Charles II, Crown 1679 Good Fine

Third bust. T. Primo. Good Fine but a nick in the original planchet, only affects the obverse.

Edward VII, Shilling 1910

Good Very Fine.
1717 Dump Issue Halfpenny_obv

George I, Halfpenny (Dump Issue) 1717

Good Fine and a scarce date.

George II, Halfcrown 1746 Almost Very Fine

LIMA below bust, struck from Spanish silver captured by Admiral Anson. Almost Very Fine, once cleaned.

George III , Farthing 1799

Extremely Fine.