New Stock January 2022

Welcome to 2022! We wish you a happy new year, and we promise that we will try our best to make your year better by offering you interesting numismatic items for your collection at great prices! Start the year off on the right foot and add these items to your cart quickly to avoid missing out!

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Identifying Roman Coins by Reece & James_obv

Identifying Roman Coins by Reece & James

Get the best book for beginners in Roman Coins, many collectors have started identifying Roman Coins using this book! It is a step by step guide teaching basic techniques to be able to identify the time period and denomination with clear illustrations.
Malaysia, Mint Set  2011-18 (4 coins)

Malaysia, Mint Set 2011-18 (4 coins)

5,10 20 & 50 Sen simple but modern designs.
Marilyn Monroe Five Medallion Collection

Marilyn Monroe Five Medal Collection

Richard saw the famous Marilyn Monroe Playboy calendar when he was young and it made a lasting impression on him. This collection does not contain that photo but it does contain five different full-colour medals of Ms. Monroe. She was a great actress and is considered to be one of the most iconic female beauties of all time. Many, young and old lost their hearts to her. This is a fantastic collection to honour an iconic actress. You get five different full-colour medals in a presentation case for just £19.50. Just because Richard lost his heart to her as a youth, it doesn’t mean you will have to lose a fortune honouring her. Great for movie buffs, and an excellent present.
North Korea, Mint Set 2005 (4 coins)

North Korea, Mint Set 2005 (4 coins)

5, 10, 50 and 100 Won, not an easy country to get coins out of. Please call to place an order for this item.
Penny Type Collection 1860-1967

Penny Type Collection 1860-1967

We offer the complete type set of the old large bronze pennies from their inception in 1860 to their demise in 1967. You get Queen Victoria Young Head, Queen Victoria Old Head, Edward VII, George V, George VI and Elizabeth II. All coins are in selected circulated condition. Of course the older the coin the more circulation or usage it will have seen. Even when they stopped making the Penny in 1967 you could still get the occasional Victorian one in your change.
Poland, 2004 Prototype Euro Pattern Set_obv

Poland, 2004 Prototype Euro Pattern Set

This was one of a privately issued series of proto-types of what their Euro coins might look like if various countries were to join the Euro. This set was issued for Poland and contains 8 Prooflike Uncirculated patterns in the same size and composition that the actual Euros were struck in. 2 of them have Pope John Paul II, 3 have Kopernicus and 3 have Chopin on them. The set comes in a full colour folder with an explanation of the patterns. There were some problems with the countries involved and the collections went off sale. Now those problems have been solved and we were able to buy a small supply from a dealer who bought them at the time. We are offering them at the original issue price of just £19.50 but supplies are limited and these sets are now 17-18 years old.