New Stock February 2022 (Part II)

A lot has been happening recently in the world, and many things might change in the near future. But you can be sure that our passion for coin collecting will remain the same, and we will continue to provide you with inspiration, and ideas for your collection, and obviously coins...

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Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Marco Polo Silvered Crown In Capsule

Tristan da Cunha, Marco Polo Silvered Crown In Capsule

Marco Polo was an explorer born in Venice in 1254. He went with his father and uncle on a 24-year voyage to China, India and Japan. When he got back he documented his travels and became one of the most famous and well-known explorers of all time. In 1269 when he was only 15 years old he even met the great Kublai Khan. This diamond-shaped crown was issued by one of the most remote inhabited places in the world, Tristan da Cunha. You have H.M. the Queen on one side and Marco Polo with a ship and a steering wheel on the other side. They are stuck in Proof quality and are silver plated. They come in a protective capsule and the overall look is fantastic. Add one of the most important explorers to your collection. Now in very short supply.

United States of America, Presidential Dollar (Martin van Buren) 1837-1841

This small sized Martin van Buren dollar is part of a series made to honour previous American Presidents. It was issued in a tombac type material and are in Uncirculated condition. We have very few of them left, so if you hurry you might get one!
United States, Civil War Medal Collection_obv

United States, Civil War Medal Collection

This is a fantastic set for the United States Civil War 1861-1865. Yes, it was fought about slavery and yes, there are some remnants of the old South still around. But please remember it was a historical event in a historic time and in this case the good guys won. As the reverse of each medallion states in large letters ‘Abolition of Slavery’. This set is very special We know you will enjoy it. The South wanted slavery and so they seceded from the North. It was a bloody war of brother against brother. It changed much but also left many with scars. This set is magnificent! Five crownsized medallions that have been gold plated with several surprises. On the reverse of each medal there is a facing portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He fought for peace and died for peace. You have full colour renditions of battles, soldier fighting soldier, both flags going into battle. On one you have a most moving portrait of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. The collection comes in a handsome metal case where you can vary the thickness of the inner display by just removing some of the padding. It is a fantastic set from the packaging on up wards. It’s beautiful and the entire package of five medallions and the metal display case is just £19.50!
Victoria Young Head Shilling Fine_obv

Victoria, Shilling (Young Head) Fine

Queen Victoria was very young when she ascended the throne. So her portrait on the coins was of a young and attractive personage. Unfortunately they used that same portrait from 1838-1887. It is known as the Young Head portrait of the Queen. We found a box of Victoria Young Head Shillings all struck in Sterling Silver. Dates will be all over the place but we doubt that there will be any rare dates, we are offering them by type and not by date. But we are offering them in Fine. The more coins you order the more different dates we will try and give you. The newest of these Queen Victoria Sterling Silver Young Head Shillings is now 135 years old. Just goes to show that old Victorian shillings don’t have to cost the earth.
Year of the Three Kings Cupro-Nickel Set of 3_obv

Year of the Three Kings Cupro-Nickel Set of 3

It was in 1936 that we had three Kings, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. It had never happened before and it is most unlikely that it will ever happen again. Years ago we did a set of three medallions to honour the Year of Three Kings and we only recently found these pieces. Yes, we know they are hard to misplace, but you have not seen our vault rooms… You get one crownsized medallion with the portrait of King George V, one with the portrait of King Edward VIII, and one with the portrait of King George VI. The reverse tells you about the three Kings of 1936. We found these sets as issued in Cupronickel. Remember that the price is for all three medallions and all are in Brilliant Unc condition.