New Stock February 2022 (Part II)

A lot has been happening recently in the world, and many things might change in the near future. But you can be sure that our passion for coin collecting will remain the same, and we will continue to provide you with inspiration, and ideas for your collection, and obviously coins...

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Lampsakos Trihemiobol 5th Century B.C_obv

Lampsakos Trihemiobol 5th Century B.C.

Lampsakos (Latinised as Lampsacus) was an ancient Greek city on the Eastern side of the Hellespont, founded in the 7th Century B.C. It grew rich controlling trade through this corridor so during the 6th-4th centuries B.C. It was conquered by the Lydians, then Persians, then Athenians, Spartans, and finally Persia again. Captured in the 330s B.C. by Alexander the Great he threatened destruction on them as he thought them pro-Persian. They sent Anaximenes of Lampsakos who heard Alexander had sworn to do the opposite they asked, so he said, ‘Please majesty: enslave the women and children of Lampsakos, burn their temples, and raze the city to the ground.’ Alexander was tricked and reluctantly pardoned the people of Lampsakos. It prospered for the rest of antiquity. We have a little group of small silver coins from this city dating between 500-450 B.C. They have the early, archaic style showing a female Janiform (one face forward, one backward) head on the obverse with Athena in a Corinthian helmet on the reverse. They are about 2500 years old, grade About Very Fine and the first to order will get the best centred examples! At this price, we do not expect them to stay long.
Latvia, 1924, 1 Lati Silver Very Fine_obv

Latvia, 1924, 1 Lati Silver Very Fine

Before Latvia became independent again in 1990 it was under Soviet authority for quite some time and, before that it issued its own coins. The coin on offer is the 1 Lati only issued in 1923 and 1924. But, as the 1923 is rare, all of our coins are dated 1924. It is about the size of an old Shilling and is struck in 835 Silver and in Very Fine condition. You have the coat of arms of Latvia supported by a lion and a griffin and the title ‘Latvijas Republika’. The reverse has the value and date within a wreath. Today this coin is now over 92 years old and it was struck in .835 Silver which is quite high quality.
Maximian Billon Follis AEF_obv

Maximian Billon Follis AEF

Maximian was humbly born around A.D. 250 near Sirmium. He rose rapidly through a military career and was chosen by the emperor Diocletian as his co-emperor in A.D. 286. After a successful reign he reluctantly abdicated with the senior emperor Diocletian in A.D. 305. But Maxentius, his son, rebelled in Rome in A.D. 306 against the current emperor Galerius, luring Maximian out of retirement. In A.D. 308 he tried to usurp Maxentius’ authority so was forced to take refuge in Gaul with his son-in-law Constantine. Trying the same in A.D. 310 Maximian was besieged and defeated by Constantine, dying rather than retire. The coins we offer here are Billon Follis in About Extremely Fine condition showing his laureate bust on the obverse and with various reverses. They are from the same small group as the Diocletian Follis from last issue meaning they are big, beautiful and there are only 22 of them so do not miss out…
Pair of Popeye Medals in case - US Navy Proud_case

Pair of Popeye Medals in case - US Navy Proud

This is a set of two medallions issued to honour Popeye the Sailor Man and that the United States Navy is so proud of him. On one side of the two medallions you have Popeye enamelled in colour. On the other side you have two different logos one for the Navy and one for Chief Petty Officers. The pair come in a rather nice presentation case with certificates. A nice present for someone who was in the Navy or someone who collects Popeye The Sailor Man. We think that they are attractive medallions and priced right. What more can you ask for?
Portugal, 200 Escudos (450th anniversary of Namban art) 1993 KM668_obv

Portugal, 200 Escudos (450th anniversary of Namban art) 1993 KM668

Namban art depicting trade between Portugal & Japan.
Portugal, 1992 200 Escudos (California)_obv

Portugal, 200 Escudos (California) 1992

Map of California and João Rodrigues Cabrilho, the first European to navigate the coast of modern California.