New Stock February 2022

Can you believe that the first month of 2022 is gone? Neither can we... this first month of the year has been very busy for us and that's just how we like it. We intend to keep uploading new items to our website, but with the volume of orders we've been getting this month, it's been hard to find the time to upload new items to our website. But rest assured, more new items will come, they will come...

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100th Anniversary of the RAF Five Medal Collection

This handsome collection was issued by the Worth Collection in 2018 to honour the 100th anniversary of the RAF (Royal Air Force) 1918-2018. You get five different crownsized full-colour medallions in a stunning blue plush display case. The planes shown in full colour are: Spitfire AB910, Dakota III ZA947, Hurricane LF363, Chipmunk WG486 and WK518 and the Lancaster Pa474. This is a handsome collection but the Worth Collection has kept to their usual incredibly low price of just £19.50 for all five medals plus the display case. That is less than £4 a medallion, compare that to the medals being advertised in the National Press and you will see what a bargain this collection is, but supplies are limited. You will love this collection.
Churchill World War II Medal Collection

Churchill World War II Medal Collection

This is a beautiful collection of medals that are part of The Worth collection. The medals honour Churchill in World War II. These are silver plated and there are five different crown-sized medals in a handsome presentation case. On the obverse of each medal is a stern portrait of Churchill with the legend ‘We shall never surrender’ and the dates 1874-1965. The medals have full-colour photos of the Heinkel He 111 German bombers present during the Battle of Britain, the Soviet T-34 Medium Tank, the US M4 Sherman Medium Tank, the British Churchill Tank, and the German PZKPFW-V tank. It is a handsome collection and as usual with The Worth Collection, you get all five medals in the presentation case for just £19.50. Try and find a bargain like this anywhere else.
Diocletian Billon Follis AEF_obv

Diocletian Billon Follis About Extremely Fine

Diocletian was born of humble origin around A.D. 245 in Dalmatia near Split and rose through the ranks of the military to high command. He likely manoeuvred the murder of the emperor Numerian and defeated Carinus leaving Diocletian in undisputed control of the Empire. Realising it was too big for one person he appointed an old army colleague, Maximian, as co-emperor and settled the problem of succession by appointing two junior Caesars, bringing stability after 60 years of chaos. Diocletian spent much of his reign campaigning and did much to overhaul the tax system, reforming the coinage in an attempt to counter inflation. Unlike any emperor before or since he voluntarily abdicated in A.D. 305 and retired to his palace in Split. He died there in A.D. 311 a broken man, having watched his reforms trampled to death by the likes of Constantine the Great and Licinius. We recently bought a small group of high-grade Billon Silver Follis from a trusted dealer who had been slowly putting them aside for many years. Part of this group were 24 Follis of Diocletian in About Extremely Fine condition with various reverses. They are big, beautiful and they all have at least some of the ancient silvering showing on the surfaces.
East Africa, 10c Heaton Mint Very Fine_obv

Edward VIII, East Africa, 10c Heaton Mint Very Fine

It has been years since we last offered these East African 10 Cents of King Edward VIII. These are much more difficult to find than the British West African issues. This was the largest denomination issued for this monarch, they were dated 1936 and minted in Heaton. You have the date on one side and a crown with the King’s name on the other side. We can offer them in Very Fine condition.
Eritrea Mint Set  1991-7 (6 values)

Eritrea Mint Set 1991-7 (6 values)

6 coins 1991-1997, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Cents all with native animal. Liberty, Equality and Justice
Ethiopia Mint Set 1977-2012 (6 Values)

Ethiopia Mint Set 1977-2012 (6 Values)

6 coins 1977-2012, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Cents and 1 Birr the last coin is bi-metallic. All with the head of a lion.