New Stock February 2021

Coin collecting is a fun hobby that attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some are in it for the opportunity to own a piece of history that allows them to investigate a certain period in time, others because they wish to maintain and expand a collection that's been in the family for generations keeping with tradition, and others just wish to have some fun collecting coins with an interesting design that maybe someday can be sold at a profit... Regardless of what your motivation is to keep on collecting, we at Coincraft – Britain's Coin Shop try to have something for every coin collector.

This time around we bring you a James I Sixpence from the Ewerby Hoard, a memento of the English Civil War. A Beautiful £5 Piedfort from the Queen's Beasts series, depicting the White Lion of Mortimer and containing 2 ounces of fine silver. Antique coins of George II and Queen Victoria, as well as a Florin, minted during World War II.

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New Zealand, Pre-Decimal Set

This is the last set of New Zealand coins before they went decimal. It was issued under H. M. Queen Elizabeth II and is in selected circulated condition. There are a total of seven different denominations. You get the Halfpenny, Penny, Theepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Halfcrown, six different coins, six different denominations. The lower two denominations are struck in bronze and the higher five in cupronickel. Dates will vary, but all will have the Queen’s portrait and all are pre-decimal coins. Today New Zealand only issues decimal coinage and even some of them, the 1c and 2c are no longer being made...

South Africa, 2020 Silver Krugerrand BU

Because of the pandemic, mints all over the world had to reduce production and thus the number of coins they issued. The first coins to be cut were the silver bullion coins and South Africa was no exception. At one point dealers wanted £45 each for a 2020 South Africa silver Kruger plus VAT from us! We did what any smart company would do, we said NO. We would wait till the price became more realistic. Now it has! These Brilliant Uncirculated coins which contain one ounce of pure silver, could well end up being the key date of the series. We have them at what we think is a fair price and a warning they could well turn out to be a key date. Supplies are very limited.

Sweden, 2 Kroner 1946 About Uncirculated

In Sweden after World War II the largest coin to regularly circulate was the silver 2 Kroner. It has the bust of King Gustaf V on the obverse and the crowned arms of Sweden on the reverse. Here we offer the 1946 2 Kroner. These coins are in About Uncirculated condition with lots of lustre. We have about ten pieces of each date available. A coin you don’t see every day, especially in this high a grade. Get them while you can!

Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Birth of a Princess) 2010

In 2010 Tristan da Cunha issued this attractive crown to honour Queen Elizabeth II. It features her parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth holding their new born daughter (the future Queen Elizabeth II). It is crownsized and has the denomination One Crown, it is gold plated and in Proof condition. the coin comes in its original capsule. We don’t know what price they were issued at, but We believe it was quite high. Supplies are very limited...

Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Year of the Three Kings) Proof

2016 was the 80th anniversary of the Year of Three Kings. King George V died, his eldest son Edward became King Edward VIII, he abdicated in December and his younger brother became King George VI. The Year of the Three Kings. The small island nation of Tristan da Cunha celebrated this historic event a few years early, in 2012 with a most attractive and beautiful memento. Plated with gold and highlighted in Rhodium they have a crown with Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the three Kings of 1936 on the other side, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. We managed to buy a small group from one of the dealers. We are now able to offer them to our collectors. Each crown is in Proof condition and comes in a capsule to protect the coin, while still allowing you to view both sides without having to touch it.

United Kingdom, Cupronickel Pattern 25 ECU BU

Privately issued crown-size (38mm) pattern 25 Ecu coin for the United Kingdom issued in 1992 and struck in Cupronickel. Brilliant Uncirculated.