New Stock February 2021

Coin collecting is a fun hobby that attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some are in it for the opportunity to own a piece of history that allows them to investigate a certain period in time, others because they wish to maintain and expand a collection that's been in the family for generations keeping with tradition, and others just wish to have some fun collecting coins with an interesting design that maybe someday can be sold at a profit... Regardless of what your motivation is to keep on collecting, we at Coincraft – Britain's Coin Shop try to have something for every coin collector.

This time around we bring you a James I Sixpence from the Ewerby Hoard, a memento of the English Civil War. A Beautiful £5 Piedfort from the Queen's Beasts series, depicting the White Lion of Mortimer and containing 2 ounces of fine silver. Antique coins of George II and Queen Victoria, as well as a Florin, minted during World War II.


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Australia, George V Threepence

We recently had a nice little group of Sterling Silver Threepences from Australia issued under King George V. Remember that Australia only started to issue silver coins on a regular basis in 1911, George V’s Coronation year. These coins stopped being made in 1936 when he died. They are nice coins in Fine condition and there are many different dates in the parcel. The more you order the more different dates you will get, but I don’t believe there are any rare dates in the lot. Struck in Sterling Silver and dated 1911-1936 they are in Fine condition.
Picture of Canada 1952 Silver Dollar Unc

Canada 1952 Silver Dollar Unc

We thought that we would jazz things up a bit so here goes. King George VI was well-loved in Canada, a place that the Royal Family loves. Therefore we're offering the last George VI Canadian Silver Dollar, issued in 1952, but in uncirculated condition of course. This coin holds a unique history of the money of Canada issued during King George VI reign.

Canada, 5 Dollars 2014 Maple Leaf BU

Steve was looking through one of our vault rooms and came across these 2014 Canadian Maple Leafs. Each contains one ounce of pure silver, is in Brilliant Uncirculated and nowadays are not easy to find. We only have about 10-12 of each date in stock. We sell nothing for investment, but we have seen just as a mint strikes a new date of a silver coin, the wholesalers put up their prices on the older issues. Probably because everyone wants this year’s issue, everyone that is except collectors. They want these older dates for their collections.

Congo, 10 Francs, Warriors of the World Viking

The African nation of The Democratic Republic of the Congo has issued a set of silvered crowns honouring Warriors of the World. The one on offer this issue is The Viking, a group of warriors the UK as a nation well knows. After all they raided and invaded Britain. You have a Viking standing with his axe and shield in his hands and wearing the famous Viking helmet. The obverse has the coat of arms for The Congo, a leopard’s face in a shield. The denomination is 10 Francs and it was issued in 2010. It is struck on silvered copper and is in Proof condition. Good value and historically important.

Elizabeth II, £5 (White Lion of Mortimer) 2020 2 Oz Silver Piedfort

Issued in 2020 this large thick £5 piece is part of the series of The Queen’s Beasts and is a Piedfort. It weighs not one but two ounces of pure Silver. It shows a Lion standing holding the shield with the arms of Mortimer. It was issued toward the end of last year and what with the pandemic and all, it will be interesting to see how many they made. Since it was issued the price of silver has also risen. We bought them and put them aside until now. We only have some pieces available for our collectors. It is a beautiful coin in beautiful condition and worth having in your collection. The portrait of H. M. The Queen is brilliant on a cross-hatched field, which really makes it stand out. We have just checked the wholesaler and he has raised his prices by £20 since he last offered them…

Elizabeth II, 50 Pence (Millennium) 2000 Proof Sterling Silver

In 2000 the world entered a new millennium, something that only comes around once every 1,000 years. So it probably won’t happen during our lifetimes again. We have beautiful Sterling Silver Proof examples of the 50 Pence, the most popular denomination of the moment. Usually, this coin only comes in cupro-nickel, but these were especially struck in Proof Sterling Silver for special collectors. The most popular denomination but struck in gleaming Sterling Silver Proof. Worth adding one to your collection!