New Stock Banknotes November 2020

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Antarctica 2 Dollars Plastic James Ross

Antarctica 2 dollars 2008 Printed on plastic Blue and m/c Ross Dependency/ Map of New Zealand and flag Unc

Azerbaijan 500 Roubles 1920 P7 AU

These 500 roubles issued by Azerbaijan are dated 1920 (P7). They date from a very short period after World War 1 and the collapse of the Russian Empire when Azerbaijan enjoyed independence. These 500 roubles are unusual because the text is bilingual- in French and Persian. The design is quite simple, reminiscent of an intricate tapestry design. AUnc at £24.50.

Bahamas 1/2-3 Dollars (3 Values) Unc

A trio of notes from the Bahamas issued in recent times with two featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Our set comprises the ½ dollar, 1 dollar and 3 dollars dated between 2017 and 2019 (P77 & P-New). The fronts are all printed in horizontal format while the backs are vertically printed. Illustrations include portraits of HM the Queen and Sir Lyndon Pindling with the Police Band, a market trader with fish and baskets and a view of Paradise Beach and a regatta, a familiar sight in Bahamian waters. Crisp Uncirculated Bahamas Trio at £13.75.

Burundi 100 francs 2001 P37 Unc

Burundi 100 francs 2001 P37 Mauve President at r/ House building Unc

Chris Salmon £5 (B407) Uncirculated

Bank of England, £5 Blue Historical Design. Chris Salmon as Chief Cashier (B407) Crisp Uncirculated