New Stock Banknotes 19 January 2021

Welcome to the first banknote stock update of the year 2021. Just like we promised at the end of last year we came back to continue providing you with 'new' banknotes for your collection. So whether you are a seasoned British banknote collector, an occasional World banknote collector or even a new banknote collector, we have something for you! This year, we will continue trying to make things interesting for you with new stock uploads and new content! So watch this space... 
For now, this first upload of the new year brings you a Mongolian set of 7 notes, a Jasper Hollom £1 replacement note, a Scottish £5 'Golf' note, a 1 Yuan note from Taiwan, a 5 dollars note from New Zealand, and 5000 Soles de Oro from Peru.

We have many examples in AUncirculated and Crisp Uncirculated in this new upload, so don't waste any more time, make 2021 the year you take your banknote collection to a new level!!! Stock availability is limited.

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Picture of New Zealand, New Plastic 5 dollars, 2015 (P191). UNC

New Zealand, New Plastic 5 dollars, 2015 (P191). UNC

The new plastic 5 dollars issued by New Zealand recently won the International Banknote Society Banknote of the Year (P191). It certainly is a handsome note. It features Sir Edmund Hillary, acknowledged as the first person to climb Mount Everest. Alongside his portrait is a view of Mount Cook, his favourite mountain. A Holho penguin is on the back. Uncirculated award-winning note.
Peru 5000 Soles De Oro 1981 P117c Unc

Peru 5000 Soles De Oro 1981 P117c Unc

Issued 35 years ago in 1985, these 5000 soles de Oro from Peru are quite striking (P117c) On the front we find a portrait of Francisco Bolognesi, a 19th-century general and national hero. On the back a vignette of miners working underground.
Picture of Royal Bank of Scotland 'Golf' £5 note. Uncirculated

Royal Bank of Scotland 'Golf' £5 note. Uncirculated

The second £5 note was issued in 2005 to honour Jack Nicklaus, the legendary golfer who had announced his retirement that year. Illustrations include Nicklaus performing a typical swing and a scorecard. With special serial prefix 'JWN' denoting his initials for Jack William Nicklaus and also depicting a golden bear, his nickname. Scotland is credited with being the country which invented golf so it was entirely appropriate that through the years the Royal Bank of Scotland has issued special commemorative £5 notes with golf as their theme. Offered here in Crisp Uncirculated condition.

Royal Bank Scotland £20 Polymer P-New Unc

The Royal Bank of Scotland issued a polymer £20 note earlier this year which celebrated Kate Cranston, a lady associated with Glasgow in its heyday. In 1878 she opened her first tea room and went on to establish more welcoming establishments, all known for the high standard of service, food quality and cleanliness. She was also associated with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the art movement of the time. Her tea rooms served as art galleries and became social centres for all classes even allowing women to meet without male company in the Ladies Rooms. On the back of these charming notes two red squirrels are depicted alongside an excerpt from Cupid & Venus by Mark Alexander Boyd. Look closely and you will see a midge, scourge of Scottish summers! Uncirculated at £35.00
Royal Bank Scotland Plc £10 March 1994 P353 Unc

Royal Bank Scotland Plc £10 March 1994 P353 Unc

The Royal Bank of Scotland showcased Scotland’s castles on the backs of their banknotes and what wonderful notes these are! The back of the £10 note featured Glamis Castle, famous for being the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. It has witnessed over 1000 years of history, was also the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Macbeth and was the birthplace of Princess Margaret Our examples are all dated 1994 when George Masterton was Chief Executive. (P353)
Picture of Taiwan 1 Yuan 1961 P971b  AUnc

Taiwan 1 Yuan 1961 P971b AUnc

The country we know as Taiwan today emerged after the Chinese Revolution of 1949. Chiang Kai Shek established his regime thereafter fleeing the Communists led by Mao Tse Tung in mainland China. Ever since the territory has been disputed by the People’s Republic of China. These 1 yuan notes were issued in the early 1960s (P971b) The front has a portrait of revered revolutionary Sun Yat-Sen and a rocky coastal landscape. The back illustrates the façade of a public building with a tower. Uncirculated.