New Stock Banknotes 19 January 2021

Welcome to the first banknote stock update of the year 2021. Just like we promised at the end of last year we came back to continue providing you with 'new' banknotes for your collection. So whether you are a seasoned British banknote collector, an occasional World banknote collector or even a new banknote collector, we have something for you! This year, we will continue trying to make things interesting for you with new stock uploads and new content! So watch this space... 
For now, this first upload of the new year brings you a Mongolian set of 7 notes, a Jasper Hollom £1 replacement note, a Scottish £5 'Golf' note, a 1 Yuan note from Taiwan, a 5 dollars note from New Zealand, and 5000 Soles de Oro from Peru.

We have many examples in AUncirculated and Crisp Uncirculated in this new upload, so don't waste any more time, make 2021 the year you take your banknote collection to a new level!!! Stock availability is limited.

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Cuba_10 pesos_1966-Specimen_P101 Unc

Cuba 10 pesos 1966 Specimen P101 Unc

We offer crisp uncirculated of the Cuba10 pesos Specimen note dated 1966.(P101s) The fronts have a portrait of Maximo Gomes but the back is particularly impressive with a view of Fidel Castro addresses an enormous and adoring crowd which stretches into the far distance. Crisp Uncirculated.
J Q_Hollom_Portrait_£1_B290_Replacement_AUnc

J Q Hollom Portrait £1 B290 Replacement AUnc

Crisp AUncirculated examples of the Hollom Replacement Portrait £1 with the catalogue reference B290. All replacement notes are scarce because they were issued in much smaller numbers. Their purpose was, as their name implies, to replace notes damaged in production. They were given a special prefix to identify them. In the case of the Portrait series, this included the letter M. Our Hollom Replacement Portrait £1 notes have the prefix –M. They are AUncirculated. Limited availability
Picture of Laos 5 Kip P9b Unc

Laos 5 Kip P9b Unc

These 5 kip notes were issued by Laos in the early 1960’s and bear the portrait of King Sisaveng Vong is on the front. On the back we find a view of the Wat That Luang Stupa in Vientiane and a royal soldier riding an elephant. Because of its association with the monarchy it was withdrawn in 1976 when Pathet Lao took control of the country. Uncirculated.

Maldives 50 Rufiyaas 2016 P28 Polymer Plastic Unc

Two notes with the 50 denomination and both from island nations. And in Uncirculated condition The first is the polymer 50 rufiyaas from the Maldives( P28) The main illustration is of a boy reading a book and a lighthouse. The 50 dollars from Monserrat is a large denomination for the country (P45m) It features a facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the front and a view of Brimstone Hill in St Kitts and Les Pitons in St Lucia on the back.Limited availability
Picture of Mexico 50 Pesos 2013 P123A Plastic Butterfly Panel Unc

Mexico 50 Pesos 2013 P123A Plastic Butterfly Panel Unc

Mexico 50 pesos 2013 P123A Polymer plastic Lilac & orange Butterfly at l, butterflies panel at r, Morelos portrait at centre/ Butterflies surrounding Morelia Aqueduct Unc

Mongolia 7 note set 1955 P28-34 Unc

We are delighted to offer a complete set of notes issued by Mongolia in 1955 (P28-34) This is one helluva set and one which we haven’t been able to offer our collectors for a very,verylong time. The set comprises 7 different values the 1,3,5,10,25,50,and 100 tugrik values all in Crisp Uncirculated. The design is quite simple with the Mongolian Coat of Arms to the left on the front and a portrait of Suhe-Bator to the right. He was a national hero and founder of the modern Mongolian People’s Republic.