New Stock August 2021 (Banknotes)

We know that many of our collectors have been waiting to see 'new' banknotes on our website for a long time, so apologies for not providing you with any new notes for your collection sooner. We are going to make it up to you in this new update by offering 35 different banknotes that you can now add to your collection!

But remember that we have a limited amount of stock available, so don't buy all of the banknotes available at once, leave some for your fellow collectors...

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Andrew Bailey Adam Smith £20 B405 Crisp Unc

Andrew Bailey Adam Smith £20 B405 Crisp Unc

It was while Andrew Bailey was Chief Cashier that the Bank of England introduced the so-called Adam Smith £20. This was quite a departure from previous issues because for the first time the serial numbers appeared on the back of the note (P405.) This note bristled with security features including a thick holographic thread on the front with images that alternated from Adam Smith to the £ symbol. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is on the front with a portrait of Adam Smith 18th century philosopher on the back. He is regarded as the father of modern economics and alongside his portrait is a view of a pin factory. In his magnum opus The Wealth of Nations he used the illustration of a pin factory to propose his theory that the division of labour increased productivity.
Andrew Bailey Historical £50 B404 Unc_obv

Andrew Bailey Historical £50 B404 Unc

Given we now have a new polymer £50 in circulation, we thought that now might be a good time to look back at the paper issues of the £50 first introduced in 1994. The design was chosen to mark the 300th Anniversary of the bank’s founding in 1694. The portrait of the first Governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Houblon, appears on the back. His tenure is remembered today in the uniform of the bank’s gatekeepers which was based on the livery of Sir John Houblon’s own staff. A vignette of an early gatekeeper and a view of the façade of Houblon’s house in Threadneedle Street also features. The Houblon £50 on offer have with the signature of Andrew Bailey who, it so happens, is the current Bank of England Governor (B404)
Bank  Scotland £20 2009  P126 Unc

Bank of Scotland £20 2009 P126 Unc

The Bank of Scotland has now gone fully polymer with its banknote issues. The last £20 note printed on paper was dated 2009 (P126b) It is this variety which we are able to offer today. They are all in Crisp Uncirculated. The front has the portrait of author Sir Walter Scott and thistles on the front. The back shows the span of the Forth Railway Bridge alongside vignettes of workers and a cantilever tower. The last Paper £20 notes in Crisp Unc condition.
Picture of British Armed Forces 1/- 3rd Series (1956) PM26 Unc

British Armed Forces 1/- 3rd Series (1956) PM26 Unc

British Armed Forces 1 shilling 3rd Series PM26a Blue and pink Simple design Unc
Picture of Canada 10 Dollars 2018 P-New Polymer Unc

Canada 10 Dollars 2018 P-New Polymer Unc

This issue we offer Uncirculated examples of the new Canada Polymer 10 dollar bill released last year. (PNew) It is a first for a Canadian banknote. It is printed vertically. For the first time, a Canadian-born woman appears on her own on a Canadian banknote. She was Viola Desmond, a businesswoman who, in 1946, challenged racial segregation by refusing to leave a whites-only area of the Roseland Theatre. It was the most publicized incident of racial discrimination in Canadian history. The back has an illustration of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights alongside an extract from the Canadian Charter of Rights. Uncirculated.