New Stock August 2023 (Part II)

We have good news for you! If you started collecting the new King Charles III coins, you will be glad to know that we now have the coronation half sovereign, as well as the £2 coin featuring the Royal Coat of Arms in stock.

A few popular coins are now also back in stock, such as the Victoria Maundy Set, and theGeorge V 1936 Sixpence in Gem Unc, and the Charles I Rose Farthing.

Take this opportunity to add them to your collection before the summer is over! Don't say we didn't warn you...

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Picture of 5 Piece Set 75th Anniversary of D-Day Special

5 Piece Set 75th Anniversary of D-Day Special

This set is a real bargain. You have five different crownsized pieces for the 75th anniversary of D-day issued in 2019 ago. The medallions are full colour with a back that shows their flags. It comes in a superior display case and was issued by the ‘Worth Collection’. Not only are they of superior quality but the price is incredible too! We were only allowed to get 300 collections, so at this price please get in quickly. On one side they read ‘Operation Overlord D-Day 75 1944-2019’ with a full colour picture. The reverse has the flags of Great Britain, the United States, Canada and France with the legend ‘D-Day 75 Anniversary 1944-2019’. OK here is the real bargain, five different coloured crownsized pieces in a handsome presentation case for just £19.50! That’s right less than £4 a piece and the case is Free. But remember we were only allowed 300 collections and at this Special Price they should sell out quickly.
Argentina, San Martin 50 Pesos_obv

Argentina, San Martin 50 Pesos

Between 1978 and 1981 Argentina issued a 50 peso coin to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of General José de San Martín in 1778. Although he is often called the Liberator of Argentina, San Martín was also instrumental in leading the struggle for independence, of Chile and Peru from the Spanish Empire. The coins are minted in brass-clad steel and come in uncirculated condition.
Bulgaria, Gros of Ivan Sracimir_obv

Bulgaria, Gros of Ivan Sracimir

Ivan Sračimir was the second son of Ivan Aleksander and was appointed co-emperor by his father in 1356. At this or some later point, he was given control of Vidin, a port city on the southern bank of the Danube in north-western Bulgaria. It is close to the borders with Romania and Serbia, which he held for the rest of his reign. These small silver coins show Ivan Sračimir enthroned facing, holding a sceptre and mace and the reverse shows a half-length facing bust of Christ, they grade Very Fine but we have very limited numbers available.
Charles I Rose Farthing Fine_obv

Charles I, Farthing (Rose) Fine

King Charles I ruled from 1625-1649 and was during his reign that the disastrous Civil War took place. The smallest coin struck during his tenure was the little copper Farthing. There were several different types issued, but the one on offer today is the ‘Rose’ Farthing. This has a crown on one side and a rose on the other. The coins are undated and a bit crudely struck, after all even then a Farthing wouldn’t buy you much. Although it was the cost for a small boat to take you across the Thames. The coins on offer while crude are still very collectable, and in Fine condition, which considering they are about 350 years old, is not too bad. It has been quite some time since we last had enough to run, get them while you can.
King Charles III 2023 £2 Royal Coat of Arms Choice BU_obv

Charles III, £2 (Royal Coat of Arms) 2023 Choice BU

We have just had in our allocation of the 2023 issue of the Royal Coat of Arms silver £2. But, most importantly they are the first of the series to feature our New King Charles III. They have the normal Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse with the date above and for the first time King Charles III on the obverse. These are early strikes and Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They have used the cross hatched background on both sides. These are early strike beautiful coins. They costly slightly more, but quality counts… The Mint had sold out in days and we had to go to another source to get these, we believe the mintage is just 150,00 rather than the usual one million they usually make.
Charles III, Half Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Brilliant Unc_obv

Charles III, Half Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Brilliant Unc

The Mint has sold out of all their Proof coins so they have now released the bullion or Brilliant Uncirculated examples. We were able to get an early strike choice examples to offer our collectors. Each of the BU coins is struck to the high standard that we have come to expect from Royal Mint coins. They are struck in 22ct gold and they are well worth having. We know you will be pleased with the quality.

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